2017 Fashion Trends from the Runway to Your Way

Posted on January 06 2017

Dozens of extravagant trends hit the Fashion Week runway that are #wardrobegoals of 2017. We can’t really say #goals though because we’ve already achieved them. You might be saying to yourself, but how do we already have 2017 trends in store?

Simple. We weren’t surprised that our pieces mimicked some of the biggest trends on the runway because our pieces are designed to be classics and therefore follow trends and they reappear from season to season. From the color to its shape, from the design to fabric choice, in a Jia Collection piece, you can walk about confidently and comfortably knowing you’re always in style.

Check out some of the up and coming styles that rocked the runway that can be modified to fit your taste and occasion!

Trend 1: Artistically Inspired Themes

Throughout time, a huge variety of artists and their creative minds have contributed to the development of fashion into the industry. Some of these artists include Salvador Dali, Kazimir Malevich, and Bernett Newman, the inspiration for the Greta reversible dress. Strong references to art hit the runway this year and are here to stay in 2017.

Trend 2: Stripes

Stripes seem to have nine lives. Season upon season we see stripes trending and it will most likely continue to carry forward. Definitely a must-have in your collection. Featuring our Colette reversible pullover.

Trend 3: Stripes Every Which Way

Want to take stripes to the next level? Go for a bolder look with stripes that zig zag every which way. Super chic! Featuring the Johana reversible knit dress.

Trend 4: Geometric Designs

Geometric shapes and patterns are no longer solely associated with decor and interior design.  They have now been incorporated into a wide variety of fashion accessories and collections, illustrating the kind of popularity these designs have had in modern day culture. These designs serve to add an intricate amount of detail to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Featuring the Kaleen white knit dress and the Katerina reversible knit dress.

Trend 5: Sorbet Shades

Has an outfit ever looked so good, you just want to eat it? Well, designers like Victoria Beckham and Ralph Lauren took that hunger to the runway and came up with a collection of sorbet-colored pieces for Spring. Yum! Featuring the Adalina reversible dress and the Chiara reversible dress

You’re now ready to enter the new year in style! Which pieces are your favorite? Leave us a comment down below!

Happy Friday!




  • Kate Jessin: January 09, 2017

    Thank you Mia for your comment, really glad you like these trends. Yes Adalina and Chiara are beautiful pieces and perfect for warm destinations. Indeed their sorbet colors will work perfectly with geometric prints! Happy Travels!

  • Mia Lund: January 07, 2017

    I’m a big fan of all the trends, my favourite pieces are the Adalina and Chiara. And I think those sorbet colours would work very well in combination with geometric prints! Boom, two trends in one!

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