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Posted on December 04 2015

We recently saw the movie Suffragette, in which women in 20th century Britain fight for the right to vote. It's amazing how far we've come since then and the things that have been accomplished by women, especially in business.

We believe you should dress for the job you want and not the job you have.  To be a strong woman entrepreneur, you need versatile clothes to be ready for anything in your busy, unpredictable schedule.

This week we feature Anjelika Kour, founder and CEO of Brick & Portal, a global e-commerce aggregator of apparel, accessories and beauty products catering to the influencer and creative communities. She is also our customer and we want to show you the true value of our products for women on the go, straight from the source. Given that we are an e-commerce business started and run by a women, we love to support and celebrate our fellow female entrepreneurs. 

Anjelika wearing the Andela reversible dress from Jia Collection

We wanted to learn about Anjelika and her journey and what better way to do that than with a Q&A session: 


What is

Put simply, on Brick & Portal anyone can open their own online shop and merchandise it from millions of items already sold on the Internet. Your Store, Your Style – without any hassle. 

Brick & Portal is a disruptive social commerce platform that comprehensively aggregates and uniquely promotes products (through user’s own curated stores) within the apparel & accessories vertical of the e-commerce market


How are you traveling the world to promote Brick & Portal?

Brick & Portal is a very global platform at its core. Bloggers and influencers who are the early adopters of the service may be located anywhere on the planet and have a following based locally or internationally. For that reason, a very global approach to launching the product is our initial strategy.


As a jet-setter and business owner, what kind of fashion empowers you while still being stylish and comfortable?

I am very versatile in style and my current lifestyle is very much representative of this – one day I am in a boardroom pitching to an investor in NYC and another day I am at a blogger/brand event in Sydney talking fashion.

I am constantly on the go and have a lot of ground to cover – so I always strive to wear comfortable yet highly stylish outfits. I prefer edgy fashion, often with a dark, even military undertone. Running a business is often like being in a battlefield – I like my fashion to be my ammunition.


Why do you like Jia Collection's designs?

I love Jia’s designs because my first priority in clothing is always quality and Jia’s Collection is precisely this. More so, Jia’s pieces are unique, edgy, and, of course, give me the flexibility of having more outfits per pieces of clothing owned/packed - all thanks to the innovative, flexible, and reversible nature of the design itself. Often enough, I travel for lengthy periods of time and it is extremely difficult to pack – Jia’s pieces give me the ability to be photographed in the same item multiple times giving the illusion of a completely new outfit each time.

Andela reversed a dress for a night out with friends after work

Any tips you can share with female entrepreneurs or those want to start their business? 

Work smarter and harder! Don’t lose faith, but also stay highly critical of your own work and ideas. Don’t be blind to the signs and follow your intuition.


Do you have any packing tips?

In the past, I would pack a great variety of clothes and then get to a place and want to wear none of it. More recently, I have been practicing the idea of putting myself into the mindset of already arriving to the place I am going to and thinking about the items that I would want to wear at that point. I found that this strategy really works in finding the items you need and want when you finally arrive to your destination. 


It was great getting to know Anjelika and we hope you enjoyed it too. It's inspiring to meet woman entrepreneurs who are forging the way for many others.

Check out our founder Jia in the Andela dress, entrepreneur Heather in the Erika reversible dress and fashion student, Sourya in the Arianna reversible cardigan.

Jia, Rachel and Sourya wearing pieces from Jia Collection to an event in NYC


To shop for pieces that complement your superwoman lifestyle check out:



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