One Scarf Eight Different Ways

One Scarf Eight Ways 1

Looking for the perfect scarf? Why not invest in one that is reversible, convertible and can be worn in many many different ways? Sounds too good be true, right? Luckily for you it isn’t. Jia Collection have just unveiled their brand new capsule collection and one of the pieces is a scarf/poncho that can create at least eight different looks.

You may have already read this blogpost from last week where this brand new collection was unveiled. If not you can see it right HERE.

The new collection has a total of six new styles and is called “The Essential Silk/Cashmere Collection” as 5 of the 6 items are made from 85% silk and 15% cashmere. The best thing about this collection is that the pieces are all super lightweight, soft and luxurious. They are also wrinkle resistant which means they are perfect for all of you busy ladies!

There are so many additional advantages to investing in good quality reversible pieces and they all revolve around making your life a whole lot easier.

For example, if you are lady who is constantly on the go or traveling, then the Max scarf is the perfect travel component. As you can create so many different looks with one piece, it will automatically reduce the amount of items you need to take with you. As already mentioned, it is also lightweight and wrinkle proof, so it will cut down on excess baggage weight and will look great the minute you take it out of your bag. It can also double (or triple) up as a blanket for those chilly times when you are moving from A to B. So what’s not to love?

Essentially, the Max scarf can be worn in two completely different ways, but the unique design and print means that it can create so many different looks. Check out the images below to see exactly what we mean.


1. The Poncho

There’s a total of five different looks that can be created when wearing the Max scarf as a poncho…

One Scarf Eight Ways 10




One Scarf Eight Ways 3

One Scarf Eight Ways 5

One Scarf Eight Ways 6

2. The Classic Scarf

When worn as a scarf, this piece can create 3 different looks.

One Scarf Eight Ways 8

One Scarf Eight Ways 9

One Scarf Eight Ways 7


The best thing about the Max scarf? It’s also available in two additional color combinations…


One Scarf Eight Ways 12


One Scarf Eight Ways 11

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