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Jia Collection was born out of designer and founder Jia Li’s passion for healthy living, helping people, functional designs, productivity and efficiency.


With a Master of International Business degree and Summa Cum Laude from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York under her belt, Jia further honed her professional skills in the fashion industry at Anna Sui, Maggie Norris Couture, Perry Ellis, and China Ting before starting her brand.

When Jia started the brand in 2011, Jia saw two big challenges women were facing in their daily dressing which are still quite true today:

1. More women are going to multiple functions each day, juggling many tasks at work and home, or traveling more frequently for work or leisure. Looking good without having to own or travel with a lot of clothes is not easy.

2. With an overwhelming amount of choices, and more crowded closet, a lot of women seem to still struggle to find the right things to wear to look good most of the time.

Our busier life and greater amount of choices seem to only complicate our daily dressing, or vice versa. As a problem solver, Jia set out to find the solution to this dilemma – she conducted a survey asking her friends what they were looking for when buying clothes. The answers she got demonstrate that style and comfort are the two biggest elements. At that time, Jia also discovered double-face fabric. Fascinated by the infinite possibilities that double-face fabric can create, Jia thought, why not create fashion that has style, comfort and versatility all at once using double-face fabric?

Then the next question is execution. How we at Jia Collection should implement and deliver on each criteria of style, comfort, and versatility?

After deliberate consideration and study of few months, based on the core principle of providing customers with most value, here are our decisions that have since then become the cornerstones of our products that garnered Jia Collection many brand advocates and mentions in national media.



– We believe individual expression triumphs trends. We encourage women to find their own unique style and dress up staying true to their own personality. With our offering of classic designs with a modern edge, women can easily and freely stylize themselves to create the look they are looking for, while still look polished and updated. We strive to provide at least 2 completely looks in each design, e.g. one side is more serious for work, the reverse side is more fun/casual for after work. And quite often, we also design/make designs that can be worn more than 2 and up to 12 different ways. It has not always been easy, and sometimes just seems quite impossible. But we don’t give up easily; we work the hardest we can and we always find the solution. Our Hayden 6-way coat was claimed by our sample room to be impossible to make, but now it is one of our best sellers and it was featured on O Magazine.



– We only use the best material that is ethically sourced and produced. We make sure each of our designs is the most comfortable to wear by using natural fiber such as silk, cashmere, cotton, or linen as much as possible. We have learned over the years that some customers cannot tolerate wool or mohair, so we have made sure to test more on these materials, and only use those that are most comfortable. There are times when we have to use synthetic because of the look that the synthetic fiber provides. Also we produce most knits because the stretchability in knits gives flexibility and comfort. Even when we produce wovens, we try to make sure they have stretch as well, unless we cannot find better alternatives.



 – By giving women more options in each of our designs, we help women live a lighter life with less stress and more productivity. Looking good all the time has become so much easier with our versatile designs. See what our customers say here. Do you know the 10 benefits of reversible/multifunctional designs? Or do you know the 3 hacks to stress-free daily dressing routine? We have figured out all the answers for you.

Style, comfort, and versatility are our daily motto. We strive to provide our customers the designs that best incorporate all these 3 into 1. Those aforementioned 2 challenges are no longer challenges. Any suggestions how we can do better? We would love to hear from you! Write us here.


Press and Mentions

Jia's innovative designs have been featured on Forbes, InStyle, O, Elle, Lucky, Travel+Leisure among many others and worn by celebrities such as Kerry Washington and Jennie Garth. Our customers love our products and cannot wait to buy more. 


In 2014, Jia was the selected as the finalist for Ivy Innovator Award for Design sponsored by Cadillac, and we are the only fashion brand that was selected in the design category for this award. Jia truly identifies with Cadillac's 'Dare Greatly' motto; bringing paradigm shifting products that challenges status quo while bringing value to our customers is what drives us forward everyday. 

We are the only clothing brand that is made exclusively for busy and successful woman like you. And we promise you this: Now you can look the most stunning with the least effort. Our luxurious and comfortable reversible/multifunctional designs will make your friends jealous.


Other fashion brands makes you look stylish, we make you look sophisticated while saving you time, money, effort and space.


Jia Li_Ivy Innovator Award for Design

Jia Li with other innovators at Ivy Innovator Award for Design dinner, guests included Melanie Whelan, CEO of SoulCycle; Anson Mount, Lead Actor in AMC show Hell on Wheels; Grace Atwood, Founder of TheStripe; Cameron Silver, Fashion Director for Halston; Kathryn Minshew, Founder of The Muse; Marcel Wanders, Co-Founder of Moooi; and Broadcast Journalist Sharon Carpenter. 

(Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for IVY)


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