The Ultimate Holiday Gifts for Women

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Women 2


Looking for the ultimate holiday gift for your wife, partner, mother, sibling, or friend? Or maybe even just looking for a little pre-holiday treat for yourself? Well look no further because we are here to help! We are truly into the festive season, and to take the stress out of holiday shopping here at Jia Collection we have created a list of some of our best pieces for gifting to others.

If you are wondering why a piece from Jia Collection will make the ultimate (and perfect) gift this holiday season, the answers are pretty simple. EVERYTHING from Jia Collection is reversible and/or convertible, which means you will actually be giving more than one gift with one piece (who wouldn’t love that?). Our designer (Jia) also ensures every single piece is made with the best and highest quality materials, so you are guaranteed to get a great item that will for last years.

So take a look at our guide to the best holiday gifts for 2014…

1. A Chic Skirt

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Women 1

Every lady needs a sexy/chic pencil skirt in her wardrobe and our Glenda skirt is the perfect option. It’s reversible, can be worn two different ways and comes in solid black on one side and red and black chevon print on the other. So it looks completely different when worn either way. That means you will be giving two completely different gifts with one beautiful skirt.

2. A Cozy Scarf

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Women 3

One of the key pieces for any wardrobe from fall right through to spring is a great scarf. They are the best way to keep you warm and toasty as the chilly weather takes hold. Our Betty scarf really is an amazing piece because it can be worn in at least five different ways. You can wear it as a traditional scarf around your neck, drape it over your shoulders, or belt it to create a different silhouette. As with our Glenda skirt, this scarf is solid black on one side and has a red and black chevron pattern on the other, so when you reverse the sides you have an endless number of ways to style the piece. Why not make someone’s Christmas by giving them five different presents in one?

3. A Classic Cardigan

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Women 4

We all need a few classic, timeless pieces in our wardrobes that will transition from season to season and work for our wardrobe all year round. Our Hedy Cardigan/Jacket is ideal for doing just that. It is such a classic style (you may remember it featured in our Downton Abbey style post?) that will never age. It comes in two different colors/patterns (navy with a white trim and blue tweed with a navy trim), so it can also be reversed to look like two very different pieces and two very different gifts in one.

4. A Figure Flattering Dress

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Women 5

One absolute wardrobe essential is a dress that will both make you look and feel a million bucks. It’s always a great idea to invest in some key dresses that will do just that, but why not save yourself some time and money and buy two amazing key pieces in one? We have an amazing range of dresses all have contrasting sides and can be reversed and converted to create at least two different looks. They also have a number of design features that beautifully enhance the female form. So why not treat your loved one to one of Jia Collections reversible dresses this holiday season?

Featured here we have our Bela and Andela dresses.

5. A Super Stylish Cape

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Women 6

Like we mentioned in last weeks blogpost, a cape is a key piece for this F/W season. Capes are effortlessly chic and make a great gift because they are a truly timeless piece. Our Marcella cape is THE perfect cape for gifting to others because, not only is it a beautiful piece made with the finest materials, but it can also be worn four different ways. Four gifts in one: it’s bound to be a winner.

6. A Great Coat

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Women 7

Our final pick for the perfect holiday gift is a really great coat. Winter is here and it’s only going to get colder, so having great coats you can rely on is a must. Great winter coats don’t come cheap and most people like to have more than one so they can mix and match them with different looks. This is exactly why a coat from Jia Collection is perfect. All our coats can be worn at least two different ways (like our Margaret coat that is featured on the left) and our Hayden coat/jacket (featured on the right) can be converted to create six (yes SIX) completely different pieces. One of these coats really would be the ultimate holiday gift.

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