Why You Should Invest in a Convertible/Reversible Coat

Benefits of Investing in a Convertible/Reversible Coat 1

Have you ever considered investing in a convertible/reversible coat? It’s quite a unique concept, right? Who wouldn’t love getting more than one item or look from a single piece? Convertible/reversible pieces offer so many benefits, and far more than you’d ever get with a standard coat. To show you just what we are talking about, we are going to outline these benefits and show you how you can get a mix of six different coats and jackets with just one single purchase with our Hayden coat

Benefits of Investing in a Convertible/Reversible Coat 2

1. Different Looks

This one is kinda obvious but buying a coat that is convertible and reversible means you are going to be able to create and get a whole host of different looks with just one piece. Take the Hayden Convertible/Reversible coat/jacket from Jia Collection pictured here. As this coat can be worn in six different ways, you will be able to style it with a minimum of six completely different looks.

2. Mix and Match

As you can create and style these pieces in so many different ways, you can have great fun mixing and matching them to suit your needs. For example, you can reverse the coat to co-ordinate the color with your outfit. You can also mix it up for the different seasons and changing weather. For example, you can wear a cute and super warm jacket in spring and fall, and then add the bottom panels to create super cosy coats that will take you right through winter. Happy days!!

3. Versatile

Being able to mix and match and create so many different looks, obviously means that convertible/reversible fashion pieces are extremely versatile. You will be amazed with just how versatile these items are when you get your hands on them.

4. Great Value

Who doesn’t love getting value for money, and convertible/reversible pieces are always the best way to do just that. Getting multiple items for the price of one is amazing value and also, as these items are reversible, they are made from top quality materials (especially Jia Collection), so you can be sure they will take right through the changing seasons and beyond.

5. Space!

This is an important one, especially if you are living in a city where space comes with a very hefty price tag. Coats are bulky and take up A LOT of room in our wardrobes. So what better solution than having just one item that you can convert to suit you needs? Instead of having multiple coats and jackets for every season, one coat (like the Hayden coat/jacket) will do the trick, and voila… you save a serious amount of space. It’s a win/win! 

Fun facts:
* The Hayden coat has been featured in O Magazine (see HERE)
* Travel blogger Leah Travels loves over reversible clothing on her constant travels. See the Hayden coat featured HERE.


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