10 Benefits of Reversible and Multi-Functional Clothing

10 Benefits of Reversible Multi-Functional Clothing

Not many people are aware of the benefits of reversible clothing… and there are many. Designer Jia Li was quick to recognize the many benefits high quality reversible items could offer consumers and decided to make her vision a reality. Four years later, she still holds the same vision for clothing that served as the inspiration behind creating Jia Collection’s reversible fashion items. Here we share some of that vision by providing a comprehensive list of the top benefits that reversible and multi-functional clothing can offer.

1. Space, Space, and more Space!

This one is kinda obvious, but having two or even four items in one piece is a real space saver! Especially if you live in a city like New York where space is treasured and comes with a hefty price tag. So our convertible pieces allow you to get the most out of limited space.

2. Traveling Light

Lugging a 50 pound suitcase around on vacation is NOT our idea of a holiday. Airlines also charge crazy prices for excess baggage, so being able to travel light is always a great option. Whether you are going on quick a business trip, a short weekend away, or a longer vacation, packing and traveling is a breeze with reversible clothing because you can pack a whole week's worth of outfits with just a few items of clothing.  That’s a lot fewer pounds of luggage.

3. Go from the Office to Happy Hour in a Snap

Ever wanted a quick outfit change before heading for after work happy hour drinks (first world problems right)? Well reversible clothing is the perfect solution. You can wear one dress to work and turn it inside before you go for some drinks with the girls and voila… you have a completely different look.

4. Avoid Same Dress Disaster

Turning up to a party or event in the same dress as someone else is always a little  awkward (especially if it’s small and intimate). You can easily avoid this situation with a unique reversible piece that can be transformed into a different look in seconds. Just do a quick flip of your dress and you’ve got a whole other ensemble.

Fun fact: The photo above is actually our designer Jia (on the left) wearing her Abbee dress to an event where she bumped into travel blogger Monica Suma, and Monica just happened to be wearing the same dress as Jia. Jia was originally wearing the dress on blue side as well but, to avoid a same dress disaster, she went to the bathroom and flipped the dress to white side. What could have been a totally awkward moment turned out to be a perfect photo opportunity!

Check out this Harvey Nichols video from a few Christmas’ ago about a same dress disaster. It’s hilarious and is bound to make you chuckle.

5. Spending the Night

How annoying is it when you’re at that point in a relationship where every other day you have to pack an overnight back? If this is during the work week, that’s a lot of stuff to be carrying around. The beauty of reversible clothing is that instead of packing a whole other outfit for tomorrow, you can economize and wear a 2-in-1 dress! All you’ll need is a few small little girlie bits and you’re good to go.

6. Quality Construction

As reversible clothing need to be able to be worn inside out without loosing shape, they are made with the finest quality items and craftsmanship. So you know you are getting pieces that will last.

7. Fashion Envy

Of course you’ll be getting tons of compliments and envious glances from your friends and peers who haven’t been introduced to the wonderful world of multi-functional luxury. They’ll be wondering how you continuously manage to buy knock-out fashion items, without even realizing it’s the same piece.

8. Eco-Friendly

Buying one piece that can be worn in lots of different ways is also great for the environment! The Environmental Justice Foundation cited that it takes 2,700 liters of water to make just one t-shirt (cotton is one of the thirstiest crops on the planet – fun fact two)! That’s a lot of water. So why not help save the planet and start doubling up your outfits?

9. Less Laundry

Having an item of clothing that offers many different looks means you will have less items to wash, which is not only great for lowering your bills, it’s also good for the planet. So buying reversible fashion really is great for the environment.

10. Best Value

It goes without saying, but having one item that completely transforms into many different looks provides great value. Due to the nature of reversible clothing (they need to be able to be worn inside out) they are (or at least Jia Collection is) made with the highest quality materials. So you can be sure that you are getting the best quality, functionality and value for your money.

Are there any other benefits you can think of that we missed? Let us know.


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