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Nothing thrills us more than hearing from a happy customer. One of our newest customers, Toronto-based social media strategist Gloria Roheim, recently made her first Jia Collection purchase. In fact, Gloria was so excited about her experience that she wrote to us and asked to if she could share about it on our blog.

She took advantage of the 50% VIP member promotion on our reversible gold and navy Alberta dress. Alberta features two sides; the mostly gold side has navy accenting and a layered hem, while the navy side has gold at the neck and sleeves, and bold gold stripes on the skirt. Read about what she has to say about her first purchase below.

Gloria Roheim McRae wearing Jia Collection Alberta Reversible Dress

Gloria Roheim McRae wearing Jia Collection Alberta Reversible Dress

"I had been browsing Jia Collection since I came across it on Facebook earlier this summer.

At the time, I was looking for something unique and chic that would be distinct but easy to wear. When I realized Jia Collection was versatile and could be worn in multiple ways, my design and traveler sensibilities got the best of me. I had to have a piece.

At first, I wondered if the fabric and the cut would suit my curvier body type. I’m 5’2 with an hourglass figure that doesn’t always lend itself to easy online purchases. I typically need to feel the fabric, try it on, and ensure it flatters in all the right places. But, when I saw the return policy on this e-store I realized I had nothing to loose and made my first purchase.

When my package arrived, I was blown away. Not only did the Alberta dress fit my curves like a glove, but all the small and unexpected details in the packaging made me feel extra satisfied with my choice.

It’s rare with online shopping that designers take the time to appreciate their individual customers. That’s why I was flattered to receive a personalized card from the designer herself, a pink tissue paper-wrapped product, and best of all a size label that was easily removable with a rounded safety pin.

One of my biggest pet peeves is having to cut off all the tags on my new clothes, like taking a sticker off of a fruit. So this small but thoughtful consideration on Jia’s part left me feeling like she really cared about both what she does and about her customer’s experience. So, I couldn’t resist but write her and thank her for her experience.




I’m really excited for her next collection next month, and look forward to bringing her pieces to Europe with me this fall. I highly recommend Jia Collection to discerning women looking for special one-of-a-kind, chic and versatile pieces."


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