Can’t Decide Who to Vote For? Get to Know our Contestants!

In case you didn’t hear, Jia has launched a “Versatile Blogger” Contest on Pinterest! We have challenged some of the most fashionable ladies from all over the country to flex their styling muscles and show how they would accentuate the versatility of Jia’s designs. We knew that if anyone could tackle this undertaking, these virtuosos of style could! So today, we introduce you to our contenders:

From New York City: Jinna Yang

Blogger from Grease and Glamour.


From Miami: Erika Thomas

Blogger from Blah Blah Blonde.


From Chicago: Andrea Kerbuski

Blogger from Blonde Bedhead.


From DC: Lacey Maffettone

Blogger from A Lacey Perspective.
Now that you have gotten to know our fashionistas, it’s time to GET VOTING!

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