4 Simple Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

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Spring is finally here! Even though the weather hasn’t been too warm yet, we can’t help but enthusiastically look ahead to the sunshine and all the fun that comes with it. While we rush down the often wet sidewalks in our many layers and cozy scarves, we continue to daydream about what we’ll wear once we can hang up our coats in the closet for good. As the weather changes, there’s no need to go out and purchase a whole new wardrobe, if you know how to style and accessorize what you already own. Here are our four easy tips to get your own wardrobe ready for spring:


1. Use your layers to dress appropriately and brighten up your outfit.

Tracy in Taylor Pullover in Pink/Beige


One simple method of transitioning your pieces to spring is to just change how you layer your outfit. One of the easiest ways to wear your favorite pieces in winter is to add warm stockings and tall boots to your dresses and skirts. We’re guessing you’re already experts in this area. However, how do we then wear these staples in our closets when we don’t need to dress for the cold? Since spring can be a bit unpredictable, it’s great to rely on cardigans and blazers that are lighter than your winter sweaters. You can also use tights and knee high socks if it’s too chilly to wear your skirts and dresses without covering your legs up. Plus, you can use these layering pieces to introduce livelier and bolder colors into your spring outfits, which is a great way to brighten up darker pieces you’ve been wearing all winter. Take a look at Tracy Qiu wearing our Taylor pullover above. For winter, she styles the pullover with pants, a unique scarf, and a cozy camel coat. For spring, simply by reversing the same piece and adding a fun skirt, she looks ready to welcome the new season.


 2. Change up your accessories and footwear to match the season.

Erin Dress in Red/Black

Another way to feel that spring fever is to change up your accessories and footwear. When Mother Nature finally lets you put away your tall boots, you can try wearing your favorite outfits with less cumbersome shoes. For instance, one of our beautiful models is wearing the Erin with booties and tights on the left, and fun heels on the right. Simply by changing her footwear and removing her tights, the same dress looks completely different even though she just switched the zipper from front to back. You can see more great examples of how your footwear and other accessories can completely change the outfit below with our model wearing the Taylor pullover. Jewelry is also a great way of updating your most-loved pieces for spring. A statement necklace that pops or cheerful earrings go a long way in making outfits look just as sunny as you feel.


 Taylor Pullover in Pink/Beige


3. Choose versatile and flattering staples that are the right fabric.

Laura in Danielle dress on left, model in Danielle as cardigan on right

The task of transitioning your pieces between seasons is made simple when you invest in items that are flattering, versatile, and strong staples in your wardrobe. Finding pieces that you want to wear year-round, and that can be worn in more than one specific way, makes transitioning you closet between seasons painless. It is also important to consider the fabric of your clothing when you begin to create looks for warmer weather. For instance, our new Essential Silk and Cashmere Collection is made out of the perfect fabric for transition pieces. The tops and dresses in this collection are warm enough that they can be worn in winter with other layers, just like the Taylor pullover we showed you above. They are also light enough that once the temperature rises, they can be worn alone with fun, bright accessories to create whatever spring look you want. Take a look at our Danielle Dress: you could easily use this dress as a way to warm up one of your favorite other dresses when worn as a cardigan, or wear it as a stunning dress with cute booties and fun socks. On of our bloggers, Laura, wears it as a dress with brown booties and polka dot stockings (she's also wearing our Gene hat by the way), while our model wears it as a way to layer a sweater dress. The chic silhouettes and classic look of each item in this collection make them an ideal example of staples that you can style differently to fit any season.


4. Invest in clothing items that are convertible or multifunctional.

Model in Alex as cardigan on left, Krista in Alex as loose pullover on right

A different approach to transitioning your closet is to find clothing items that are convertible or can be worn in more than one way. These pieces further allow you to accessorize and stylize differently, while also altering the outfit in a more substantial way. Not only do these items make transitioning between seasons simpler, but they also are more valuable pieces in your closet since they can create unique outfits by altering how you wear it. Take our Alex Pullover: This sweater can be worn as a cardigan or a pullover, and therefore you can use the Alex as a layering piece, or as a main piece to style however you like! Krista, another one of our bloggers, wears it as a sweater with leggings and a statement scarf, while our model wears it as a cardigan over pants and a top. Just imagine how many outfits you can create by altering this one piece, let alone how many looks you could make by utilizing our tips on layers and accessories.


With warm weather right around the corner (we hope!), take a look in your own closet and find your favorite pieces that you want to wear well past when the temperature rises. Remember to use our layering and accessorizing tips and you will be sure to fashionably sail right into summer without buying a whole new wardrobe. Get creative, and be sure to think warm and sunny thoughts!


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