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Adalina reversible dress


Memorial Day weekend is finally here, and with it comes barbecues, weekend getaways, and other summer festivities. It also brings with it the beginning of wedding season. Once the invitations begin slowly pilling up, our first thought is always: what am I going to wear? If you are anything like us, you immediately scour the invitation for information about what type of wedding it will be. Is it on a beach? Is it a day wedding or night wedding? What are the bridesmaids’ dresses like? What is your friend going to wear?

Depending on just how many weddings you attend each summer (and most likely depending on how many years you have been attending weddings), they can be a joyful occasion to celebrate love and family with people you love, or a chore. If you do have a lot of weddings you are planning on attending, it can be a bit overwhelming and expensive finding outfits for each one. This challenge becomes even more stressful when each wedding seems to have a different dress code, or has a similar guest list that would notice if you wore the same outfit to two weddings in one season.

However, why make something that should be a fun event into a drag? There’s a simpler way to approach dressing for your different wedding invitations. Rather than buying a whole new dress for each wedding, we instead focus on buying outfits that can be altered or accessorized to work for several weddings depending on the venue. This is where our reversible dresses become super helpful: if you have two weddings in one season that both are “black tie optional,” you only need to buy one great dress that can be converted for two completely different looks. No one will be the wiser that it was the same dress, and you save yourself shopping time, money, closet space, and your own sanity.

In order to help you see this styling tip in action, we define three different types of weddings you will most likely run into, and recommend two different dresses that will definitely put you in the running to be the best-dressed wedding guest.

  1. The Formal or Black-Tie Wedding

This wedding invitation will most likely say clearly that it is a formal event. It most likely takes place in the evening, and from our experience, it takes place in a ballroom or other grand venue. These weddings call for either chic cocktail dresses or evening gowns, and in a neutral or dark color such as black or navy. Basically, it’s time to break out your classiest LBD. We love the Gia or the Olympia for these weddings, or any formal events we have throughout the year. The Gia is great because its length is adjustable, so depending on the weather and the venue, you can change it accordingly. The sliver of light pink in the V-neck is a unique touch, but subtle enough to be appropriate for even the most conservative of occasions. You can also reverse the dress for the plunging neckline look.

GIA convertible dress

The Olympia is another great option for formal weddings. This classic black and white dress will make you look and feel like a Grecian goddess, and reversing the dress gives you two unique looks that you could wear to back-to-back weddings without anyone noticing. One side creates an almost all black look with the white showing only on one shoulder. The drape of the dress is as beautiful as it is flattering. For a more draped and contrasted look, you can flip it to show the white top. Both of these dresses are also classic and simple enough that you can accessorize either uniquely to reinvent either piece over and over again.


Olympia reversible dress


  1. The Cocktail Attire Wedding

Most weddings, especially if they are held indoors and no attire is specified, fall within the category as cocktail attire appropriate. These most likely are the weddings that you feel like you need to become an undercover spy to figure out just how to dress appropriately. You may call up your friends who you also know are invited, or ask the bride out for drinks to pry out as much information as you can about the event. However, with the right dress, this reconnaissance mission isn’t necessary. Instead, find dresses that are flattering, stylish, and versatile enough that they can match any event.

We love the Alberta for its unique combination of mesh and stripes, and it can be worn as either a gold dress with blue accents or blue dress with gold accents. You could wear it with sandals for more casual weddings that call for cocktail attire, or with your hair swept back with heels for slightly more formal affairs. The colors are subdued enough for both evening and late summer weddings when most people move away from brighter pieces.

Alberta reversible dress

You could always apply the same principles to the Florentina dress. This stunning silk dress can be worn as a blue or very light blue wrap dress. The light fabric is perfect for balmy summer nights, and it would pair great with strappy flats or heeled sandals. You’ll also appreciate that you can wear it as a cardigan, so it will double its usefulness in your wardrobe when you aren’t dancing the night away.           

Florentina reversible/convertible 4-way dress
  1. The Casual Outdoor or Beach Wedding

Beach weddings, as well as more casual outdoor weddings with a backyard feel, have become increasingly popular over the past few years. However, they can be difficult to plan an outfit for since you never know just how casual to dress. You also need to factor in the venue since you will be outside and will want to dress accordingly. The key here is to wear versatile fabrics that can keep you cool yet still create a polished look. Look no further than our Careen and Adalina dresses!

The knit Careen dress is comfortable and light, yet still stylish and appropriate for a lovely outdoor wedding. The pretty blue color is perfect for summer and definitely has a nautical feel for beach-themed weddings. We love the lace detail at the bottom of this dress as it gives the look a fun, flirty vibe. You can also reverse the dress to the white side with blue details, but just make sure your bride-to-be isn’t too sensitive about any guests wearing white!

Careen reversible dress

The Adalina dress is another one of our favorites for outdoor weddings. It has such a clear summery vibe with its blue and white details and mesh panels. The cap sleeves are also a unique detail that gives this dress a very different look. We also love that the blue side with white and navy details as opposed to the white side with blue details look like completely dissimilar dresses. This dress is also casual enough that you could wear it to go out for drinks, or dress it up based on how fancy the wedding is that you are attending. 

Adalina reversible dress

Weddings should be fun, no matter how many friends of yours are tying the knot this year. Rather than stressing about how many dresses you need to buy, or if what you already own is appropriate, you can focus on celebrating. Simply by investing in convertible or reversible pieces that are versatile enough for you to style for each wedding, you can take the guesswork out of your wardrobe and you will always look polished and ready to dance the night away.

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