5 Unique Women, 1 Perfect Dress

What if we told you there was a dress out there that is versatile, classic, and comfortable, and that is flattering on every woman? You most likely would think we were working on a new movie script about a magical dress, but we’re here to say that dress is very real and it’s just what your summer wardrobe needs. Our Erika dress seems like it can do no wrong as any one who wears it looks flawless. We think it might just be magical.

Don’t believe us? You don’t need to only take our word for it. Recently, Sherita Janielle Rankins, the creator of the blog, Busy Wife, Busy Life, wore our Erika dress on vacation to Florida.

Busy Wife Busy Life Sherita Janielle in Jia Collection Erika reversible knit dress


Sherita said "Finding clothing that is versatile, comfortable, and stylish is rare, that is why this fashion post has me so excited! Jia Li, founder of Jia Collection, has designed an unique line of reversible pieces that can be worn both front to back AND inside out, to show 4 different looks with just one piece. I traveled to Florida with this Erika dress and found it had the added benefit of being wrinkle free too. Jia Collection is the perfect solution for the busy mom, traveler or any woman looking to easily create different outfits without buying several pieces."


Busy Wife Busy Life Sherita Janielle in Jia Collection Erika reversible knit dress


We completely agree with her statement that our clothing is ideal for travelers, busy moms, or women looking to get more out of each of their clothing pieces. One of the best things about this dress is even though it looks quite elegant and refined with its black and white minimalist design, it is an easy travel companion and fuss-free for busy schedules. It’s hard to disagree with anything Sherita has to say when she looks this gorgeous in our Erika.


 Jetting Around Pola Handerson in Jia Collection Erika reversible knit dress


If you need more proof of just how amazing our Erika is, take a look at how Pola Henderson from Jetting Around styled it for a casual afternoon in a coffee shop to an evening at the theater in Krakow. How’s that for versatile? She also shares her love for the material, since it is light enough for warmer travel, but since it is a knit, it can also be styled for cooler weather so you can keep wearing it year-round.


 Ingrid Gregus in Jia Collection Erika reversible knit dress


We also love how Ingrid Gregus (above) and Nelly Munoz (below) both look in the Erika dress. These two ladies are both beautiful models (Nelly is also a super cool DJ!), but they certainly do not look alike. However, they both still look stunning. We especially love how easily Nelly makes this classic dress look casual and effortless simply by adding a colorful belt to the side with the white top. This one small accessory turned this dress from an evening date dress to a summer day dress. 

 Nelly Munoz in Jia Collection Erika reversible knit dress


Just in case you still don’t believe us that this dress looks great on everyone, and is perfect for anyone on their next summer trip, our designer Jia also swears by this dress. On a recent trip, she packed this dress for a variety of different events. Even though this dress looked perfect for blogger Pola’s trip to the theater, it also looks great for Jia’s summery look in the sun.




No matter where your travels will take you this summer, let the Erika dress tag along. It is sure to make you feel polished and stunning for any event you have planned, while still feeling light and easy enough to wear for even the warmest of days. It's simple to feel comfortable while still looking polished and stylish, and the Erika dress is sure to make you feel like you are ready for whatever your next adventure throws at you. 

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