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Quick! Can you tell us right now where your smart phone is? Most likely it is in your hand as you read this, or at the very least right next to you. Technology is continually making our lives “smarter” almost seamlessly. Who would have known ten years ago that we wouldn’t be able to leave the house without mini computers in our back pockets? However, that is our reality. Our smart phones improve our communication and information gathering process, just as our smart cars help us to travel better. As more and more of our daily devices are getting smart makeovers, we challenge you to smarten up your closet starting with your summer wardrobe.


Image Courtesy of Unfancy 


We stumbled across Dallas Moms Blog post “Why I Got Rid of My Wardrobe,” and we were immediately intrigued. In it, Denaye shares a problem busy women, and busy moms, often have: a closet full of clothes you can’t let go of, and still the feeling that you have nothing to wear. If you have a closet full of clothes but you always seem to be in yoga pants, this is the blog post for you. The amazing discovery Denaye shares is that people that dress very well don’t necessarily have huge wardrobes, instead they invest in smart wardrobes. Through the help of her friend, Denaye discovered Un-Fancy, a blog about creating capsule wardrobes to dress as smartly as possible.


Images Courtesy of Unfancy 


What on earth is a capsule wardrobe? It does not involve burying your clothing in the ground for 100 years so it can be discovered by the next generation, don’t worry. A capsule wardrobe is a concept explored by the brilliant Caroline, the creator of the blog, Un-Fancy.  For each season, she creates mini-wardrobes that are filled only with pieces she absolutely loves that are very versatile, which she calls capsule wardrobes. In her blog, she shares specific “practices” as to how you go about creating one of these wardrobes, such as what to include and how many of each item (she aims for 37 pieces per season). She even includes a wardrobe planner!

The more important question, however, is why? Why reduce your wardrobe size to less than 40 pieces per season? Caroline’s blog focuses not only on how to create these capsule wardrobes, but why you should do it.

And below photos show you how Denaye adopted Caroline's smart capsule wardrobe tip and transformed her own wardrobe. 

 Images courtesy of Denaye Barahona of Dallas Moms Blog


Here are a few pretty awesome reasons to consider creating your own capsule wardrobe:


Since all of our designs are about being versatile and flattering, so they fit perfectly into your wardrobe for many different outfits, we love, love, love this idea of a capsule wardrobe. With each of our pieces, you automatically have at least two outfits in one. Plus, since they are made with high quality materials and created to look amazing on you, they will definitely fit into the practices of a capsule wardrobe.

Our challenge to you is to begin with your summer wardrobe, especially if you feel like it needs a breath of fresh air. What better time to re-assess what items make the right statement about your style than before you head off to enjoy your summer plans? Think about how much easier it will be to pack if you know everything in your mini-wardrobe looks great on you, can be worn in multiple outfits, and fits your own personality. If you need a little inspiration, we recommend 3 of our summery pieces we love to wear over and over again:


1.  The Elma Reversible Dress – This tank dress is perfect for warmer weather, and the gold side versus the blue side will offer you more outfit options in one piece. Remember, capsule wardrobes don’t have to include only neutrals.

Elma reversible travel dress - Jia collection

2.  The Andonia Reversible Top – We love that this top is both sporty and classic, so it is the perfect piece to complete any number of looks. One side is a beautiful, bright teal, while the black and white side increases its versatility in your wardrobe.

Andonia reversible pullover v neck Jia Collection

3.  The Abbee Reversible Dress – Doesn’t this dress just scream beach vacation? Plus, the navy side looks like a completely different dress compared to the white side with blue details.

4.  The Dorris Convertible Dress/Cardigan - This effortlessly chic piece is perfect for any occasion and can be worn as a cardigan or dress. It’s lightweight material is super soft and is perfect for Spring and Summer layering.


Dorris convertible spring summer cardigan dress

We know the pain of trying on ten different outfits only to feel like you don’t look your best or you don’t have anything that looks the way you want it to look. That feeling that if you just buy a few more items, you will feel better about your style and yourself. What if you could look in your closet and actually feel good about what you see? What if it only took you five minutes to pick out an outfit, or pack for an upcoming trip? It may seem silly, but reducing the energy you spend on your fashion habits can completely change your daily routines and how you feel about how you look.

 Image Courtesy of Unfancy 



Be sure to check out the rest of the Un-Fancy blog for a more detailed look at what Caroline included in her capsule wardrobes throughout the seasons here.

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