Hi there, thank you for your interest in working together! We want to see your personal style! Our Fashion Blogger Program is seeking fashion specialists to promote our website and products with your personal styling. Our bloggers benefit from special discounts and free products. You may get free clothing items that are worth from $95 to $1000 and run giveaways on your blog sponsored by Jia Collection. 

Don't hesitate! Send us an email at info@jiacollection.com and tell us about yourself and please attach basic information about your blog or your social media information. 

Why Work with Us:

We are a fashion brand that pioneers in luxury multi-functional, reversible fashion. Here's a few of the features of our designs that makes them unique:
  • can be worn at minimum two different ways,
  • comfortable yet stylish and chic,
  • perfect for travelers and city dwellers,
  • make transitioning from office to afterwork simple,
  • the reversibility and convertibility de-stresses the process of picking an outfit,
  • many more looks can be created from one piece.
All of these features add up to a new and refreshing take on fashion for your followers. We strive to create designs that helps women find happiness in fashion through creating comfortable clothing that is also flattering, classic, and versatile. 

How This Works: 

We collaborate with fashion bloggers through free products we send you, and in return you can collaborate through one of the following methods:  

  • You wear and style one of our designs to create a blog post that you share through social media,
  • We write an interview about you and ask you to share with our audience your style and life inspiration,
  • You share with us one styling tip, which we will use in an aggregate blog post featuring our favorite versatile bloggers, which you would share with your followers.

Fashion Blogger Qualifications:

  • Established blogger,
  • Maintains online platforms on your personal blog, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.,
  • Love blogging your own style,
  • Must have at least 20,000 followers combined over your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts.

Rules for Jia Collection's Fashion Bloggers:

  • All photos must be posted on your social media platforms within 14 days of receiving the items. 
  • All posted photos and comments contain links to Jia Collection's homepage (www.jiacollection.com), or the product's page from Jia Collection's website, including social media posts. 

How do we use your information: 

Jia Collection reserves the right to collect photos and/or posts from your social media platform(s), and repost these pictures with our products on our social media network. 

Fashion Blogger Policy:

Please note that different countries have different customs policies; we cannot assume your import customs. 


Please email us at info@jiacollection.com