10 Best Innovative Products for Female Frequent Travelers

Since many of our clients are frequent travelers, we decided to do some research and provide a list of what we think are the 10 best innovative products for female frequent travelers. These products are designed to make your travel life easier and more efficient just like Jia’s design and goal to bring more value to women on the go! Let’s jump right into it.

10 best innovative products for female frequent travelers

1. Passport & Essential Carrier

    When you’re traveling, it’s important to keep your essentials safe and easily accessible in one place. The most crucial items like your passport, ID, flight itinerary, boarding pass, credit card, hotel key... Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could keep these and more in one secure bag that’s small, lightweight, and fashionable? Well, these two items might be what you're looking for: 


    FOSSIL Leather RFID Passport Case 

    100% leather with 4 Credit Card Slots, 1 ID Window, 1 Slip Pockets, 1 Zip Compartment, 1 Passport Slot. Comes in the color: Cognac, Black and Dark Brown and an option to get your initials printed on the inside. Also, since it is RFID (or Radio Frequency Identification) protected, it will prevent the items stored inside from unwarranted scanning.


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    Knowmad Air Leather Portable Organizer

    iPad Air & 10'' tablet along with a smartphone, pen, credit cards, passport, etc. Space is provided for our slim battery pack (not included on this version).

    Knomad Organizer - Best Travel Products, Travel Organizer, Travel Essentials, Travel Bag


    2. Location-tracking Bluetooth

    The small and lightweight Bluetooth devices designed to give travelers a peace of mind. Simply slip one in or attach one to your desired items like wallet, purse, luggage, keys, etc, and you are good to go. Jia was actually able to test the Original Tile during her recent business trip to Florida. She used it to track her check-in luggage that contained samples to showcase at a private event. The Tile did a good job at helping her feel secure since she could locate her luggage right from her iPhone. The device is also water-resistant and the battery will supposedly last one full year without charging. 



    (top to bottom: the Original, the Slim) 
    Tile, Portable Bluetooth Location Tracker, Never Lose Your Stuff Again, Bluetooth Location Tracking Device
    Tile Slim - Wallet Tracking Device



    3. Smart Luggage

    If you are familiar with crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo or Kickstarter, you might have seen these items already. One cool thing about today's world is that products are becoming more tech-savvy and innovative. These smart luggage have features like portable USB chargers, retractable working stands, built-in location trackers, thumbprint locks, etc. All to make life easier for frequent travelers like you!

    When searching the web, there were too many options to list in one blog post. So, we've filtered through and only listed the ones we thought were the best for their value and design. If you want us to dig a little deeper and do a blog post exclusively on our thoughts on smart luggage, please leave a comment below and we'll get to it! Here are 3 that made the list: 


    G-Ro Smart Luggage - Travel Essentials, Travel Gadgets, Frequent Travelers, Best Products

    G-Ro Smart Luggage: Travel Essentials, Best Travel Products, Travel Luggage

    This one stood out because of its patented wheels designed to be sturdier and more maneuver-friendly, as well as make the luggage lighter due to better weight distribution. When you're in a hurry from and to the airport, having a luggage that keeps tripping and gets in the way is stressful. The G-Ro seems to solve that problem. 


    Bluesmart - Luggage, Travel Essentials, Best Travel Products

    What I like the most about the Bluesmart luggage is that it has a built-in scale, so you can see how much it weighs right from your smartphone. It also comes with a location-tracker, charging station and a lock, which can be viewed on your smartphone as well.  


    Wool&Oak Duffle Suitcase

    Wool&Oak Duffle Suitcase - Smart Suitcase Duffle, Best Travel Essentials, Best Travel Bags

    Wool&Oak Duffle Suitcase - Best Travel Bags

    Although the video is targeted towards men, the chic design and function ("no more wrinkled clothes") would also be great for female travelers. Especially those with a soft spot for leather duffle bags.



    4. Organizers

    If your luggage does not come with organizers and you don’t want to invest in one that does.  These organizers are great affordable alternatives. Not only do they help you keep things more orderly, they are also detachable so you can carry to the bathroom.  



    Vatelli Toiletry Bag

    Vatelli Toiletry Bag - Travel Essentials, Toiletries, Travel Bags
    Vatelli Toiletry Bag - Travel Essentials, Toiletries, Travel Bags



    5. Portable Espresso Maker

    If you are a coffee-drinker, this product will save your life. There are other portable espresso makers like the Handpresso and the Oomph, but the Minipresso seemed to be the best for frequent travelers. 

    Wacao Minipresso 

    Minipresso - Best Travel Essentials, Best Travel Products, Portable Coffee Maker



    6. Massage Vest

    A vest that gives you a massage! As frequent travelers, we are often crunched up during long flights and getting little sleep. This 3D Body Massager Vest might be the solution to bad posture and tight muscles. 

    3D Body Massager Vest




     7. Travel-sized Shampoo & Laundry Sheets

    Travelon Laundry & Shampoo Sheets

     Bringing travel-sized shampoo and conditioner works fine, but even they become a hassle sometimes (especially since they get soaked in the shower). These shampoo sheets are innovative alternatives that are lighter, take less space and stay dry. They also have laundry soap sheets, in case you want to do laundry during longer trips. 

    Travelon Shampoo Sheets - Best Travel Produts, Best Travel Essentials, Frequent Travelers ProductsTravelon Laundry Soap - Best Travel Essentials, Best Travel Products, Frequent Travelers Products



    8. Lingerie Pouch 

    Underwear Pouch

    This pouch is perfect to carry your delicate lingerie and bras without creasing or damaging the shape and wire. You can fit a couple bras and a weeklong supply of panties and there's also a built-in "secret pouch" for dirty underwear or makeup.


    Underwear Pouch - Best Travel Products, Travel Essentials, Best Travelers Products



    9. Heels to Flats 

    Tanya Heath Paris

    Although the designs need a bit of tweaking and perfecting, this product made our list of 10 best innovative products for female frequent travelers because of its mind-blowing concept. The Parisian shoe designer makes heels that can turn into flats (and vice versa)! With the shoes, you can reduce the size of your carry-on and be comfortable all day/night by wearing the flats when walking and attaching the heels when you feel like it. 

    Tanya Heath Paris - Interchangeable Shoes, Innovative Heels, Heels that turn into Flats, Best Travel ProductsTanya Heath Paris - Interchangeable Heels, Best Travel Shoes, Best Innovative Heels



    Before we get to number 10, here are some honorable mentions: 

    SteamFast Portable Steamer

      Hammacher Schlemmer Travel Steam Iron - travel essentials, travelsized steamer, travel gadgets








      Yecup 365

      Yecup 365 - Travel Mug, Travel Essentials, Travel Products











        The O.G. Overnight Bag 


        And the final best innovative product for female frequent travelers is the reversible travelwear by Jia Collection.


        10. Reversible Versatile Clothes

        As frequent travelers, you know that outfits that can be worn for multiple occasions are great. The following outfits make transitioning from day to night seamless and fun, so you can get more things done during your travel and enjoy life. 

        Danielle Reversible Cardigan Dress

        Danielle Reversible Cardigan Dress - Best Travel Product, Best Travel Wear, Best Travel Style

        Danielle is a best-seller that's great for frequent flyers because it's comfortable, stylish and can be worn more than 4 ways. You can wear it as a cardigan or as a form-fitting dress, and when you reverse it you have two more outfit options. It's like having 4 outfits packed into one versatile and unique piece of clothing. 

        The fabric is made with 85% silk and 15% cashmere, so it's soft and lightweight. It can be carried right in your purse or carry-on during your flight and travel. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant so you don't have to worry about getting it wrinkled in your bag. It also comes in red/black and pink/beige. 

        Danielle Reversible Dress Cardigan - Best Travel Products, Best Travel Wear


        Franka  and Johana Reversible Dress 

        Franka and Johana are also best-sellers that can be reversed and worn multiple ways. The design and feel of these dresses are great for both formal events like business meetings and casual outings. 

        Reversible Dress - Best Travel Outfits, Best TravelWear

        Click on the following links to learn more about each design: 

        Danielle Reversible Cardigan Dress

        Franka Reversible Dress

        Johana Reversible Dress


        Click here to see Jia's other designs that are also versatile, multifunctional and great for frequent travelers like you! 


        Now that we have looked at the 10 best innovative products for female frequent travelers, which one(s) was your favorite? Do you know any products you want to recommend to other frequent travelers? Please comment below your thoughts and suggestions. 


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