Today we give thanks to YOU!

Thanksgiving is a day we celebrate and express appreciation to those who contribute goodness and positivity to our lives. Although we are appreciative of our customers and fans EVERY DAY, today we are especially grateful! We want to take this time to thank you for allowing us the privilege of doing what we love and achieving our goals every single day; creating valuable products that help make your lives a little bit easier, and looking fabulous at the same time!


In return for your tremendous and ongoing support, and in honor of Thanksgiving, we are offering a special deal from now through 11/30 of 30% off all orders when you enter the code THANKS30!



As you may have noticed, in the last few months we haven’t come out with any new products. This is because we have been working day and night on something BRAND NEW that we don’t just think, we KNOW, you will love. Multifunctional, convertible versatile jewelry! We are really excited about this. You can wear one piece 10-20 ways, or even more!! It’s unlike anything you’ve seen so far so stay tuned.


We’d like to take this time now to give an extra special thank you to those who shared their pictures in our products with us. We love when you take our clothes with you on the go and share your stories with us.


1st row left to right - Anjelika from NY, Tina from CT, Fennie from Switzerland
2nd row left to right - Irina, Christina from NY (with Jia), LeeAnne from NH,  Jennifer Z from NY
3rd row from left to right - Angela, Amelie from NY, Jodi from NJ, Gloria from Canada




Lastly, as always, we love your feedback. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience and provide you exceptional service. Tweet us, email us or comment on our social media of ways you feel we can do even better. Thank you!!!


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