Three Hacks To Stress-free Daily Dressing Routine



Recently Inc Magazine published an article that talks about the 7 hacks of really successful people. The first 3 are – First, they truly love what they do. Second, they constantly evolve. Third, they edit their lives.

This got us at Jia Collection thinking that the same principles apply to what we wear as well, if we want to dress successfully and confidently. Worrying about what to wear on a daily basis can be quite stressful. But our three hacks will make you stress-free about this from now on. You are probably saying “Really?” Let’s expand on our logic below.




1. Truly love what you wear.

It comes down to who you are, what you value, and what really works for you.

This is quite subjective. What works for one person might not work for the other person at all. Karen’s favorite fashion piece might be that basic cashmere pullover that she can wear all the time, Lucy’s favorite piece might be that super-tight little black dress that make heads turn at cocktail parties. We hope you by now you have figured out what really works for you. If not, you can consult an image consultant or simply ask your family and friends what look best on you! The fashion pieces that you love most are not only those that you feel great in, but also those from which you get most compliments wearing, right?

Another way to know if you love what you wear is to ask yourself “Am I joyful and smiling when I am wearing this piece”?

Ladies, haven’t we all said this before?

high heel pain

This picture vividly illustrates the common problem of many things we wear. Sure it looks darn good, but it is not that comfortable, fine I will bite the bullet for a few minutes, or even few hours. But when my tolerance reaches the limit, I just cannot stand it anymore!

On the other hand, there are other fashion pieces for which you never have to deal with such problem, because they are always comfortable to wear, in addition to being beautiful and enhancing your confidence and beauty.

Our recommendation is – if you have high tolerance for discomfort, then keep wearing those uncomfortable dresses/shoes that you think make you look fancy. But if you don’t, which is perhaps the most of us, then you better go for those that are winner on both comfort and style.


2. Evolve how you dress to so you worry less about what to wear

We can evolve how we dress in three ways.

1. Dress with what is most suitable for yourself rather than for other people.

Once you figure out what you really love to wear, then only wear those that scale really high on the ‘love’ meter. Even if you have to dress up a certain way due to the work environment, you can still add some accessories that show your personality, an elegant necklace? a funky pair of earrings? A neon-bright belt? After work, you should definitely wear what really represents you. When you look most comfortable in your own skin, or the skin you wear, aka the clothes, then you will radiate confidence and leave great impressions.

2. Wear only those tried and true pieces that score high on both style and comfort.

Gone are the days when you have to choose between either style or comfort. Nowadays with the abundance of choices, a lot of clothes have stretch in them, and once you find one or two brands that fit you really well, just keep buying from them. It is no longer hard to find lots of options that provide you both style and comfort at the same time.

And the fast pace of modern life makes each of us juggle between many different tasks all the time. Corporate executives, stay-home moms, or recent graduates who are just entering the work force, we all juggle. Looking good for all occasions is not easy! But if each piece in your wardrobe is tried and true, you no longer need to spend time worrying what to wear. Just pick any piece, put it on and you are ready to go!

This doesn’t mean you will keep buying and wearing the same styles. It means you now have a range of what work for you in terms of fabric, fit and style at reference, and you can buy new pieces that fall into that that range. Trust us, there won’t be lack of options. The styles can still quite varied even just with the same shape or same fabric.

3. Wear more multifunctional pieces.

And with pieces that are multi-functional, this benefit of dressing efficiency is even multiplied. When you find a multi-functional piece that works for you,  you save time and energy on finding additional pieces that have great look and fit, because the different looks and great fit are all packed into one piece. Do you know the 10 benefits of multi-functional fashion designs?


3. Edit your wardrobe to only include pieces that work for you 100%

Given that we all have at least 30 dresses, 20 sweaters, 10 pairs of pants, can we choose to only keep those that give us both style and comfort? Even if that means you need to get rid of 60% of what’s in our wardrobe. But for the 40% we keep, each of the 12 dresses, 8 sweaters, and 4 pair of pants will work for you 100% of the time! And because each piece is both very stylish and comfortable, you will feel uber elevated wearing it no matter when, where, and for however long. Each time you open your closet, you no longer need to think ‘Oh will this piece look good on me?’

Take action! Actually edit your wardrobe, knowing that the effort you put in today is going to make your daily dressing so much easier! Do it once and enjoy the benefits of it for the rest of year, or rest of life.

Madeleine Vionnet said, “When a woman smiles, then her dress should smile too.” But what dress truly makes a woman smile? And smile for many hours, and days?!

You know the answer.

You see this easy daily dressing routine becomes ‘easy’ after some work, but such work is a totally worthwhile investment that will save you tons of your time and frustration down the road. So put these 3 hacks for stress-free daily dressing routine into action as soon as possible.

Everyday, and every moment can be, and should be the time to truly enjoy what you wear.


Yours truly,

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