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Designer Margherita Missoni behind the iconic Italian luxury knitwear brand Missoni said it best. "If you adore what you wear, you just look better". If you love what you wear, you just look your best! Isn’t this what we all want? Here goes Google's definition of Love.

  Love definition - Google

All these warm and fuzzy words related to ‘Love’ just make us melt. Going through your Facebook or Instagram photos, you look the happiest and prettiest when you are with your best friends, spending time with your puppy or having a piece of your favorite chocolate truffle. What do these things have in common? They make you happy, you love them and would only want to spend more time with them. Clothes live right next to our skin and are our unavoidable friends (at least in public!). We better have a good loving relationship with them so we can be happy! Our dear and close “clothes” friends should also, in addition to warmth and vanity, bring us HAPPINESS that is the golden touch that will make us look our very best. What kind of clothes make us happy? Can clothes make you happy the same way as your best friends? If you derive your happiness from the same resources consistently, then the answer is YES! Just think HOW YOU FEEL when you are with your best friends, and only wear those clothes that can make you feel the same way!

1. When we are with our best friends, we are comfortable, we can be ourselves. We can always be at ease and ourselves when we are with your best friends. We can show our true color without putting on a facade. Does your clothes give you comfort and ease, or is it too constricting, or causing me pain? Are these sexy 5” heel Loubutin boots actually complementary to my style and make me look even better, or just simply awkward because I cannot even walk in them? If you can walk very comfortably in your 5" Loubutin heels, I must say, I am VERY jealous of you.

2. Our best friends give us the best introduction and recommendation to the world. Our besties know our strengths and weaknesses but only say the best of us when introducing us to others. In our daily encounters with strangers and non-stangers, do our clothes say what is the best of us? Does your dress show off your best part while hiding the imperfect parts? Does this jacket hide the slight bulge on my waist so I can look the fittest for my meeting with new client?

3. Our best friends give us room to pursue what we are passionate about and give us a hand when we need them. My dear friend Karen loves to spend time with me, but I have been so busy working on a new exciting project that I have not got a chance to see her for 3 months. Yet when I need a last minute help to pitch in at my trade show, she volunteered to help. Is your new little black dress your best companion? It doesn’t need much of your attention yet it makes you look your best no matter where you go and what you do? Our Erin 4-way reversible/convertible dress is a perfect example of such perfect companion. It is low-maintenance and it will easily make you look good in any situation, at work, at home, at business conference, or at a date. When you need to look a tad sexier, all you need is just to lower the neckline or open the zipper at front a bit more.

Erin 4-way reversible/convertible knit dress


Need something not so form-fitting? Then check out our Max poncho/scarf that can be worn at least 8 ways.


  Max 8-way convertible poncho scarf

Max 8-way Poncho/Scarf

4. Our best friends value our time and space, and each minute spent together is quality and treasured. If I tell Karen I only have 1 hour I can spend with her, we will spend the quality 1 hour together catching up, giving each other the help that we might need from the other person and then go our own way. Each minute spent together is productive, meaningful and never boring. My favorite dress should not take me more than 15 minutes to dress up in and look good in it. In my book, anything that takes more than 15 minutes to figure out how to wear to look good, it’s just way too much effort and not an efficient use of time. A great piece should make you INSTANTLY say, “I love how I look in this piece, and I will look fab in it from day to night!”. The ‘Instant’ should never be more than 15 minutes, not even 5 minutes. It is just a piece of clothing after all, there are many other important things in life I need to take care of. A perfect piece is the one that makes you look instantly good when you put it on, and can easily go with your other accessories, or the one that doesn’t need much accessories at all since it looks great on it own. The same goes with space, I am never a big fan of anything that takes a lot of space, that is probably why I am not interested in creating evening gowns with big massive skirt. They are too high-maintenance and too much to shlep for women on the go.

Multifunctional/Reversible pieces save you even more time and space. Given the same fit and fabric, each multifunctional/reversible piece provides you a different look on each reverse side. If one side looks good on you, 99% of the time the other side will also look great. It saves you time to get a new piece and saves you space to store another new piece. Your relationship with your “clothes” friends can be, and should be like what you have with your best friends.

Just like my best friends let me be and put me at ease, my clothes should make me feel comfortable. My best friends are praiseful, my clothes should be flattering. My best friends are understanding and supportive, my clothes should be versatile and supportive to make me look good at all times. I spent quality and productive time with my best friends, and my clothes should also make me productive and efficient. Next time when you are getting yourself a new piece of clothing (or trying to decide if you should keep that one piece of clothing), ask yourself “Is it comfortable, flattering, versatile and efficient"? If your answer is yes, you will love it and look your best when wearing it. If your answer is no, better just move on and not dwell on it and waste your precious time. Anything that won’t make you look your very best is not worth your time. We might have some pretty high standards here, but why settle for less. You are much more likely to get what you ask for. You might say it is very hard to find clothing that meets all these 4 criteria, but this is what we strive to give you here at Jia Collection. The “flattering” part is very subjective and can varies quite a bit depending on each person’s body shape and taste for clothing, but at least we can control the comfort,versatility, and efficiency elements. We only use the finest materials that feel great next to skin, and we try to give you as many looks as possible in each of our designs. And within our many offerings, we hope you find what will serve to flatter you most.

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