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Valentine’s Day: a day to show those special people in your life how much you appreciate them, to celebrate love, and, our favorite, to wear red. Red sends such a strong message of confidence and can instantaneously make you stand out from the crowd regardless of the setting. Here at Jia Collection, we stopped and asked ourselves, why delegate this color to just a daylong holiday? With our new Essential Silk and Cashmere Collection, sharing the love doesn’t have to only happen on February 14th. Our new luxurious red pieces make it possible to continue to enjoy the best parts of Valentine’s Day and to celebrate love every day.  



Erin 4-way reversible/convertible knit dress - Jia Collection

Our new collection features two gorgeous dresses that are perfect to keep the festivities going and show off your romantic side. Our Erin dress comes in a striking red and black, and the four ways of wearing it will all make you swoon. The red side of the dress is picture perfect for a spontaneous date night with your favorite person, or a girls’ night out on the town to reconnect with your best pals. With an option to wear this dress as a V-neck or with the zipper in front, you can accessorize the Erin dress however best fits your evening plans, even if those plans are spur of the moment. The reversibility of the dress also makes it the perfect outfit if you plan on staying at your significant other’s place after a night out. It becomes unnecessary to pack a whole new outfit since the black side of the Erin dress can easily be styled for wherever you may need to go the following day.



Danielle 4-way reversible/convertible knit dress cardigan - Jia Collection

The Danielle dress cardigan from this exciting new collection also comes in red and black, and it offers you even more possibilities to show off your sentimental side beyond Valentine’s Day. The red side of the dress features cute front pockets and grey trim that would leave anyone dreaming about you after your date ends. One of the many great features of the Danielle dress is that it can also be worn as an eye-catching long cardigan to compliment one of your own beloved dresses or skirts you’ve been dying to dig out of the closet. The black side of this dress also provides this piece with greater versatility for your wardrobe. Not only does the black side of the dress make it another possibility for an overnight stay with your special someone, but it also allows you to utilize the cardigan version of the piece in countless ways whenever you want to add a new dimension to a favorite outfit.  


Gene 4-way reversible/convertible knit hat - Jia Collection

The Essential Silk and Cashmere Collection will make it nearly impossible for you not to feel the Valentine’s Day spirit on your night out, but we didn’t stop the love there. Our new Gene 4-way hat is also available in red and, with its charming detachable pompom and four ways to wear it, you can throw it on for a little dose of Valentine’s Day magic any day of the week. The stylish Gene hat will leave you feeling amorous and festive whether you are on your way to work, running errands, or having a ball on the weekend. For once, you won’t mind the cold weather as this cute beanie warms your head and your heart. If you can’t decide on just one of these practical hats to spice up your wardrobe, never fear! We offer the Gene hat in red and navy, as well as red and grey to greater improve their functionality and versatility in your closet. With all the people you have to love and appreciate in your life, don’t hide that affection after Valentine’s Day passes. Keep the Valentine’s Day spirit alive and spread the cheer by wearing our timeless red pieces that will keep your wardrobe fresh and adaptable. There’s no need to wait around for that one day out of the year to show off your romantic and bold side in red. Stand out from the rest and find that perfect evening on any night of the week. We promise you will feel the love all year round.  




Be sure to check out the Essential Silk and Cashmere Collection in its entirety. We have so much love for this collection we couldn’t help but share it with you. We know you will love it too! To see all of our red pieces including the pieces from the silk/cashmere collection, visit our site.

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