“The 2014 Guide to Exceptional Travel Experiences from an Exceptional Magazine” – AFAR

We feel so blessed to have the August/September issue of AFAR magazine in hand, knowing that it will bring us to exceptional afar travel experiences without boarding a plane. These great stories will inspire us more to leave our comfortable homeland and travel abroad to visit and explore amazing places.

This is a great go-to magazine for travel inspiration. It is also used as a guide and a handbook for people who are starting to travel or people who are frequent travelers. The stories included in AFAR are real and meaningful travel experiences. The writers satisfy your curiosity and search for authenticity through the places explored, the food, culture, traditions, smells, sounds, tastes, and journeys that make up memorable experiences.

Afar Travel Magazine Cover, Jia Collection

 The cover of the August/September Issue of Afar Magazine


In Founder’s note ‘Where We’ve Been’, Greg Sullivan, the Cofounder and CEO of AFAR, said that he started the magazine in 2008. Five years ago this month, they published their first issue of AFAR magazine. This publication has been able to successfully grow and inspire travelers starting from the very beginning when the economy was tough. Their mission is to inspire, to guide, and to enable deeper, richer, and more authentic travel experiences. AFAR magazine inspires travelers to connect with local people to celebrate what everyone in the world has in common.

Editor-in-chief Julia Cosgrove wrote in her ‘Letter From The Editor’ she points out, “At AFAR, we believe that travel can expand horizons. If we engage with a destination, every trip is full of incredible moments that will stick forever in our minds and change the way we see the world.”

The layout of the magazine is pleasing to the eye and is easy for reading. The photos are so beautiful and refined. Each of them is like a perfect postcard taken from very interesting angles. The use of hand illustrations and handwriting makes the reading/exploring experience feel very personal and allows us to connect with them.


Afar Travel Magazine, Jia Collection


Take a look through the contents page of this issue below. It feels exciting and anticipating just reading the titles of their stories. People want to feel connected to interesting people who love to travel and be immersed in their stories.

“Bavarian Rhapsody”
“Beyond Belief”
“Full of Grace”
“Roads Less Traveled”
“Near & Afar”
“Our Picks”
“Views from Afar”
“Spin The Globe”

We love how authentic the stories and photographs are in this magazine. It not only shows popular destinations, but also the off beaten path destinations that have distinctive culture and people. The travelers’ experiences are rich and the contributors really mingle with locals and find the non-touristy great finds to share with the audience. These are unique places that vacationers would not normally go to. We personally know two contributors to AFAR magazine, Kirsten Alana and Leah Walker. These women are real and enthusiastic travelers.


Afar Travel Magazine, Jia Collection

Another look from the August/September 2014 Issue of Afar Magazine


For those of us who cannot travel afar at the moment, we thank AFAR for bringing us abroad with its monthly dose of great stories and exquisite photos. If you have been thinking about traveling, then what you should do now is pack your bags and just go. If you need a guide, check out AFAR.

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