How to Dress for Work in the Summer Heat (with reversible designs)

Posted on June 26 2014

Let’s Talk Live on ABC7 recently had fashion stylist and style expert Naina Singla of Style’N appear on the show to give some style tips on how to dress for work in the summer heat. We loved the tips that Naina mentioned and would like to share them with you too.

1. Wearing pencil skirts because they’re classic and will always be on trend.

2. The hemline for skirts and dresses should always be at the knee or slightly above the knee, and having a longer hemline is always appropriate too.

3. The most important style tip Naina mentioned is to stay away from the three S’s. Stay away from anything that is too short, too sheer, and strapless at the office.

4. Some fabrics that are great for the summer are breathable fabrics; these are cotton, jersey, and linen. Jia Collection has plenty of summer dresses and tops in these natural fibers.

5. If you are a person who likes to wear dark colors, make sure the fabric is breathable so you don’t torture yourself in the heat, because the color black absorbs heat and makes your body temperature warmer.

We here at Jia Collection hit on every tip that Naina mentioned except that we don’t have reversible summer skirts yet, but we are working on it. Other than that, we take all these tips into consideration during our design process. So the length is right, and we only use the most comfortable fabrication in silk, linen, cotton, and occasionally with viscose or other synthetic fiber for the special texture of the fabric.  And we make sure to incorporate simple patterns into our designs; they are fun, interesting, creative, adds more personality, yet not too flashy so you can easily wear them to many different occasions.

We, like Naina think that a dress is the easiest outfit to wear at the office. We like simplicity and efficiency, that is why we have a lot of dresses rather than separates. You can never go wrong with a dress if the hemline is just right. It’s easy to slip on and you don’t have to coordinate with other articles of clothing, just accessories. Our reversible dresses are great go to dresses for work, especially for the woman who is on the go. There are a lot of great benefits for wearing reversible clothing. Have a look at the 10 benefits of reversible/multifunctional clothing.

And if you want to go a little deeper, Jia explains to you how she rethinks workwear through convertible designs here on Forbes Style.

There are more options of style and color for women with reversible clothing. Some dresses of ours that is perfect for the office are Dorris, Abbee, Estee, Amandine, Agata, Florentina, Adalina, and Alberta. Check them out below and share your style tips with us.



A super lightweight convertible cardigan/pullover/dress that you can wear to work as layering piece to keep you warm, wear it to the beach over your bikinis and you will look uber sexy.

3 or MORE WAYS. Convertible cardigan dress with lace details. White

3 or MORE WAYS. Convertible cardigan dress with lace details. White



The ultimate reversible dress that has been everyone’s favorite. Our best seller. The simple yet playful silhouette adds more elegance to every lady, and interesting enough, the horizontal stripes actually make you look thinner.

2 WAYS. Reversible 2-look-in-one dress with stripe bottom. Navy on White vs White on Navy



The paneling at center front elevate your posture and the combination of the framed open V-neck adds subtle sexiness to a perfect silhouette for office and after work parties.

2 WAYS. Reversible 2-look-in-one dress with Center Front colorblock. Navy on White vs White on Navy.



We designed this dress to be worn 2-ways, but with creative people, such as the super talented blogger Lauren Price who stylized Amandine on Lucky Magazine, she easily found 4 ways to wear this reversible dress. Lauren said “When Jia sent me this amazing piece to style on Fashionably Lo, I literally had about ten ways I could style each side. The shape, the colors, the fit.. pure perfection. From day to night, brunch to girls night out, there are so many fun ways to wear this dress. Styling it four ways not only gave me basically four different pieces of clothing but also makes spending a little more on more pieces seem like a super smart choice.” Yo go Lauren!

2 WAYS. Reversible 2-colorway-in-one half sleeve striped dress. White/Navy vs. Navy/Gold



This is designer Jia’s won favorite. And many of our clients. See our customer Rachel Trimble’s testimonial of wearing this piece on her cruise to Southeast Asia.

2 WAYS. Reversible 2-colorway-in-one straight dress with contrast sash


100% silk! and you can wear it at least 4 different ways! this is a jetsetter must-pack! Luxury travel writer Leah Walker wore Florentina on her trip to Hawaii!

                                                                            4 WAYS. Reversible&convertible 2-colorway dress/cardigan



Favorited by Adam Glassman of O Magazine and featured on his Adam Says column. Just look at the photo, how gorgeous it is, need we say more?

2 WAYS. Reversible 2-colorway-in-one A line dress with sheer details



Luxe yet simple. Great to wear to office, but also for when you are on the road. Our customer Allyn Flaherty wore Alberta on her trips to Italy, England, France, Spain, Galapagos and Miami.

2 WAYS. Reversible 2-look-in-one straight dress. Contrast lace panels vs. Contrast stripe.


We have even more options, but we don’t want to overwhelm you. Hope you find your favorite piece from our recommendations.


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