7 Easy Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall



 Amandine reversible dress worn from Summer into Fall


It’s Labor Day weekend and, whether you’re ready or not for summer to come to a close, it means that cooler weather is right around the corner. If your weather forecast is anything like ours in New York, you probably won’t need to take your cable knit sweaters out of storage just yet. However, before we know it the unpredictability in the weather will force us to make a few changes to our daily wardrobes.

Dressing for transition seasons can be tricky, especially when you don’t want to invest in pieces just meant for that in-between temperature when it’s a bit chilly for summer clothing, but too warm for winter pieces yet. Despite the desire to not have 4 completely separate wardrobes for each season, we are also all about celebrating what we love about each season. And we have a ton of love for autumn, so we go out of our way to include those earthier, fall-like colors we all associate with pumpkin-spice lattes, apple picking, and chilly nights in cozy sweaters.

We want the best of both worlds: a fall wardrobe that feels very different from what we wore this summer, without actually buying clothing just for fall. And with our easy-to-follow tips, it’s easy to have your cake and eat it too… or should we say your pumpkin pie?

Here we are going to show you our favorite tips how to easily wear summer pieces into the fall with our Amandine reversible dress


1. Make Layering Your Best Friend – One of the most practical ways of transitioning your current wardrobe into fall is by adding layers. You can easily take a summery dress, add a blazer or cardigan, and be ready for those chilly mornings. It’s also a great idea to add a scarf if your top is made out of lighter fabric. We add Alex cardigan onto the white side of Amandine dress. Looks really cozy! 


2. Add tights and cute long socks – This is another simple one! You can use this trick to modify your shorts, skirts, and dresses for fall. Plus, it’s a good way to start adding in those gorgeous fall colors like masala and sage. Since Amandine dress has two colorways in one, you can even pair with more colors! 



3. Mix and Match Warmth Levels – Try pairing that favorite maxi skirt with a cozy sweater you usually wear in winter, or take your favorite summer trousers and style it with a cute jacket and long sleeve. Not only does it give you the chance to keep those lighter pieces out of storage for a bit longer, but it also helps you to style them in a new way that makes them look like totally new outfits. Here we pair Amandine white side with one of our reversible coats. 


4. Change up your footwear – Changing your shoes can completely change your appearance, and it also keeps you warmer in colder weather. Try trading out your favorite sandals for booties. We love the newest trend of open toed booties, since they are an even better way to deal with fluctuating temperatures (plus, they’re super cute). You can also look for flats that are suede or velvet to match the season. A pair of beige boots, grey stockings, and a nice scarf are all you need to wear Amandine into fall! 

5. Wear chunky jewelry
– During warmer months, we gravitate towards lighter, simple pieces of jewelry that don’t feel heavy in the heat. Larger pieces, such as funky bracelets or a statement necklace, can give your look a cooler weather vibe.



6. Celebrate fall colors with your make-up and nails – Swap out your hot pink lipstick for a more subdued brown shade, or trade in that white nail polish for a lovely shade of grey. Not only is this a cost effective way of changing the color palette of your look, it’s also a very fun way to celebrate a new season. Who doesn’t love perusing the newest nail colors at your local store?


7. Invest in versatile staples, especially layering pieces – This tip is without a doubt the most important. If you have staples in your wardrobe you love, you can use them in any season by using the tips above. For instance, if you have a leather jacket that fits you like a glove, it can go over a sundress or flowy top for fall, or you can use that favorite white button down as the base for a fun, cozy scarf when the temperatures begin to drop. When you take the time to find layering pieces you can rely on, like a classic trench, or a great vest, or a favorite long cardigan, you create a simple fix for dressing based on the weather. Need a little inspiration? Check out our Alex or Perla: both cardigans are light enough to wear early in the fall, but they are great additions to top a lighter top or dress.


    Without versatile pieces, your life is so much harder. Imagine trying to create a fall wardrobe out of all brightly patterned pieces that can only be styled in a few ways versus creating it using pieces you love to wear year-round with a few added touches and accessories to make them perfect for any season. Stick to our tips, and you are sure to find fun ways to celebrate the new season through your fashion without rushing out to buy all the latest trends in stores. This fall season, spend your money on your favorite fall treats and your time on your favorite fall activities instead of on your wardrobe. Happy Labor Day!

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