How To Stay Fresh and Glamorous For Air Travel

We all hate the feeling of getting off the plane feeling sick and tired. There couldn’t be a worse way to get your feet on new ground. Make the most out of your trip by preparing properly, traveling with the right tools, and feeling/looking great when you land so that you can fully enjoy the whole journey. Using these 15 simple tips, you can set yourself up for stress-free traveling with sky-high glamour!




1. When booking your flight, make a special meal request according to your dietary standards. 

We highly recommend a fish or low sodium meal to keep you full and puffiness at bay.

2. In the days leading to your trip, be mindful of your everyday health.

Try to get proper amounts of sleep and avoid as much stress as possible—or learn the coping mechanisms to handle it well. This will help to discourage under eye bags and break outs from appearing.

    3. Plan and shop ahead of time for destination dependent essentials you might not have already.

    Make a list of what you need to bring and do not pack last minute.


      The day of...

      4. Wear comfortable, soft clothing and layer up.

      You want to be prepared for changing climates and cold planes, but avoid pajamas. You won't feel ready to take on the day after your trip. Max, our reversible and convertible scarf/cape with detachable sash, can be worn at least 8 different ways and is the perfect flight-and-beyond companion.


        5. Get to the airport early and check in in advance so you can settle in and hang out in the lounge. 

        This helps reduce the stress of getting to the airport in time and rushing with a frazzled disposition.




            6. Keep your hair tied back and off face to keep skin clear.

              7. Drink water.

              Plane air is very dry. And the small cups they bring around during the food service are not enough. Drink more water to keep your skin happy and stop you from feeling bloated and tired from dehydration. Bring your own water bottle and ask flight attendant to fill the bottle up for you so you can drink plenty of water through out the flight. 

              8. Get up and walk.

              At least once an hour get up even to go to bathroom to keep blood flowing and stop you from getting sore.

              9. Bring your own snacks without too much salt.

              Healthier snacks will keep you from feeling gross and save you money since you won't need to buy them at airport or on plane.

              10. Make up remover pads.

              We recommend wearing little to no make up, but if you do make sure to remove it before going to sleep. Also, don't use water in bathrooms to wash your face - the water isn't clean.

              11. Pack a travel toothbrush or gum to make your breath feel fresh until you can check into your hotel and freshen up.

              12. Bring your beauty essentials with you.

              • Dry shampoo can make your hair feel fresh after a long flight.
              • Leave-in conditioner is great for dry ends.
              • A hydrating facial mist. 
              • Moisturizer for face, eye (eye cream), and lips (lip balm)
              • SPF - You are closer to the sun when in flights, especially if you sit by the window. 
              • And you can bring whatever make up you can't leave the house without for touch ups.

              13. Carry a hat.

              It helps to hide slept on hair and then you don't need to worry about it getting squished in your checked bag.

              14. If it's a long flight, make sure you get a good sleep.

              Pack an eye mask and ear plugs, don't start an exciting movie right before you want to go to bed. Use the time on the plane to try to start switching over to the new time zone if needed.

              15. Consider investing in compression socks.

              It may sound a bit old lady-like, but it's actually a great way to keep your legs from feeling sore and tired, and the added circulation can help ward off spider veins.

                  We hope these tips for traveling in comfort and style are easy enough to follow and make use of. Find little ways to treat your body and skin well on a daily basis. You will feel and look more rested and healthy in the long run. Remember you can bring 3 oz. containers of your favorite beauty products with you on the plane, so there's no reason why you can't feel and look beautiful even on your longest flights. By the time you’ve put all of these tips into practice all of your travels will be a breeze!


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