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If you ever purchased one of our pieces, you probably noticed our very unique tags. When you open them like a card from a friend, the inside reads “If you ever want to go to [blank], just go.” For each piece we personally pack and send your way, we choose a destination we can picture our clothing traveling to with you and write it in the blank. With a whole fashion company to run, you may wonder why we take the time to fill out each tag individually. Although it may seem unusual, it shows our true passion for travel. Our favorite daydream is to imagine all the places our designs will go through the explorations of our customers.

We design our pieces to support the modern, adventurous woman who is continually searching for some new mountain to climb, whether that mountain is a new promotion, a creative project, or a literal mountain. Our pieces are meant to travel well since you can create several outfits for each item and we use fabric that won’t wrinkle in your suitcase. You can read more about it in our posts Planning the Flawless Summer Wardrobe and How to Pack Light without Sacrificing Style and Options

Everyone has a different dream destination in mind. For some, it might be floating down the French Rivera, and for others it might be scaling the Fitz Roy Mountain in Patagonia. We continually feel this pull to experience the new, the unknown, and to see the beauty of the world. It got us wondering why we actually travel, and it led us to reread Garance Dore’s Editor’s Letter #11.

In her thoughtful reflection on her own whirlwind travel schedule (something many of us can relate to), she considers what the real power of traveling is for all of us. She states, “to me, a trip doesn’t mean much if I don’t come back feeling transformed somehow.” We could not agree more. These transformations do not have to be life shaking, but they do need to happen. They say that the best way to make time pass more slowly and to create vivid memories is to have new experiences, and travel is one amazing way to disrupt your own patterns, good and bad. We love that Garance discusses the merits of having a trip that doesn’t quite go your way, and how feeling lost and out of the loop with those people you typically spend your day with can actually be a positive thing.

Garance ends her post by concluding that the true power of traveling is the desire to return home. There is something to that, especially when life gets a bit mundane or common place. Going without your morning chat with your coworker as you walk to work together or your Sunday morning yoga and brunch date with your best friends can make you appreciate them more and make the usual unusual again. We are firm believers in the insights that seem to find you as you travel, but we also think it is just as important to remember how traveling improves our daily lives. So next time you want to go anywhere in the world, just go.

Here, we would like to share with you 12 of our favorite travel quotes. What are yours? Please share with us!














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