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Look at these ladies above, they all look so stylish and happy! They are really comfortable in what they wear at work. 

This is how it should be for all of us, but often times, it is not the case. It’s 2 PM and you’re running from meeting to meeting, barely scarfing down your lunch before your next presentation. You’re already thinking ahead to your conference call this afternoon, what you want to grab from the store for dinner, and the flight you need to book for your upcoming trip. The last thing you want to be worrying about right now is your outfit, but your stilettos are hurting your feet, and your new dress is so tight and uncomfortable...



When we want to look our best for our jobs, it often leads to uncomfortable outfits: high heels that hurt our feet, pencil skirts that you can barely walk in, tight pants made out of unbreathable fabric, and constricting jackets. We agree that dressing appropriately for whatever job you have is vital to your professional life. However, what if we told you that you didn’t need to be uncomfortable to do so?

A lot of clothing that is designed to be strictly professional does not help you physically do your job, but instead actually hinders you. Consider style influencer Garance Dore’s article on the evolution of her wardrobe: in her post, Women at Work, she discusses her early years shooting as a photographer and her insistence on wearing very high heels and red lipstick. Even though we have no doubts that she looked fabulous, her outfits that fit perfectly into the fashion world became a nuisance in her professional life.

There is a better way! Today more than ever, it is not difficult to find a happy medium: you can look professional, put-together, and stylish, while still feeling comfortable when 5 PM rolls around. Garance Dore, for instance, developed a stylish yet uber-comfy uniform to rely on when she’s shooting in the hot sun: a small bag, white blouse, flat shoes, and a hat. Not only does it allow her to go wherever that shoot takes her, but it also protects her from outdoor elements. She shares more wisdom through short interviews with a make-up artist and a successful chef. Be sure to read the full article here. Here you can see a few of her comfortable work outfits. 


Garance Dore in her comfortable work outfits 


Ultimately, it makes sense that you would find outfits that support who you are and where you want to go in your life. No all of us can wear bomber jacket or Van sneakers to work like Garance, but the general rule of thumb is to wear clothes that are made of soft material, has room to breathe, and has stretch. Take for instance our Essential Silk and Cashmere collection. Any one of the pieces we included in this collection could be styled for any professional situation. Yet, they are so incredibly soft and luxurious, you won’t want to change into your sweatpants at the end of the day.

 Essential Silk Cashmere Collection - Jia Collection

Our designer, Jia, always keeps the modern woman on the go in mind when she designs. Gone are the days of stilettos and constricting dresses. Our modern woman is all about looking flawless while also constantly being on the move and tackling her to-do list. Our clothing is created to help you in those goals by making you feel confident that you look chic while you feel great.

How about instead of wearing this tight dress that looks really uncomfortable...


Wear our Estee dress that is super comfortable (and stylish too) instead? Besides, it is reversible! 2 in 1!

We love that the fashion community is slowly catching up with this mindset that your wardrobe should match the demands of your job. Did you notice all the sneakers and Vans everyone has been sporting with suits and dresses? We did too. Garance Dore explores what our newfound love for sneakers in the workplace says about us in her post, Style/Comfort. Even if you’re on the fence about wearing your kicks in the office, it shows a larger trend towards finding a wardrobe that helps you reach your goals.

We are not saying you need to throw out all your business suits and heels, but consider what elements of your outfits bother you by the end of the day. Do your feet hurt? Buy wider heels that have support around your ankle. Is your office hot? Find fabrics that breathe. Fashion should fit seamlessly into your life and adapt to fit your needs, not the other way around. So next time you’re in the market for a new work outfit, consider how it fits into your job demands and your personal needs. Your body will thank you for it!


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