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As self-proclaimed design and travel fanatics, one of our favorite activities when we need a 5-minute mental escape is to scroll through our Instagram feeds. We love getting lost in stunning snapshots of white, pristine beaches, stunning mountains, and amazing architecture. And, of course, we also are suckers for Instagram stars with simple, yet effortlessly chic style. Whenever we feel like our outfits need a little stimulation, we have a few ladies we know we can always rely on:

Sheida Mizani (@inmyblondelife)

Sheida is one of those naturally cool and stylish California girls, and we love her for her classically cool style. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have her beautiful photos of beaches popping up on their feed?



Megan Mitchell (@meg_legs)

One word for Megan’s style: wow! Her outfits are unique without being too trendy, and all of her photos are so fun and interesting to look at. Basically, we would love to raid her closet, and possibly hire her as our decorator.



Adriana Luci (@leopardmartini1)

Need a daily dose of pretty? Adriana is your girl. Her fashion sense has a softer side that we adore, and even though she always looks perfectly put-together, her looks are attainable for anyone! Plus, she always finds posts to add that will make you smile.



Eleni McMullin (@conveythemoment)

It’s right there in her bio: she is sharing what inspires her, and we bet you’ll be inspired too. Her stunning travel photos will surely make you want to find your nearest hiking trail ASAP. Plus, she shows you how to look stylish while exploring. We definitely have major hat envy!


Jess Kirby (@jessannkirby)

If you love stripes as much as we do, you’ll love Jess’s posts. She hails from Newport, RI, and all her beautiful photos highlight that New England feel we all love. Warning: you will want to visit New England immediately after checking her out.


Jacey Duprie (@damselindior) 

Jacey, a.k.a. the Damsel in Dior, is one of those bloggers you do not want to miss. Her style is simplistic perfection, and her photography reflects that clean, simple, personal look. We love the calm vibe of all her snapshots, especially on a hectic weekday.



Olivia Lopez (@lustforlife) 

Olivia’s Instagram is all about location, location location. Her name, lustforlife, really says it all. She finds amazing restaurants, architecture, design, and fashion, and somehow manages to capture the spirit of whatever place she’s in and transport you there all in a photo. She really will make you want to just get on a plane and go.



Caroline Joy Rector (@caroline_joy)

Last but not least, one of our personal role models: Caroline. We featured her on our blog post, Smart Summer Wardrobe. You may remember she is the genius who created wardrobe capsules that creates all her outfits out of 37 pieces or fewer. It’s almost impossible to believe her closet is clutter-free after seeing the variety of looks she creates for all her adventures.



So next time you need a good shot of beauty and creativity, be sure to find any one of these 8 Instagram ladies. We have no doubt that they will brighten your day.

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