The Comeback of Fashion Illustration and the top new illustrators of today

It all starts with a sketch.

 Fashion illustration of Jia Collection Amandine reversible dress



Since the dawn of the fashion industry, illustration has played a huge role in the creative process. Designers pick up a pencil before anything else to illustrate the feeling of the specific looks they are trying to create. In the 50’s fashion illustrations graced the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar before fashion photography came into existence.


In the fashion industry of today photography is the king when it comes to imagery. Luxurious photo shoots with models and celebrities show the reader, look, this could be you! You can’t help but notice that there is a difference from all these perfectly photo shopped images and fashion illustrations, and that’s the authenticity and hand craftsmanship that comes from drawing something by hand. Great fashion illustrators like René Gruau, Antonio Lopez, and David Downton paved the way for the artists of today. We must never forget, fashion is a true art form and fashion illustration captures this idea and brings it to life.



Fashion Illustration has quickly gone mainstream. Illustrators are being invited to sit right row at fashion week shows to entice them to feature a sketch of one of the runway looks to their social media networks. Here is a roundup of the top fashion illustrators of today who are leaving their own artistic mark in the fashion world.



Jacqueline Bissett:

With her effortless, fresh, and free flowing style, Jacqueline captures the gesture and garments beautifully with just a few strokes.



Cecilia Carlstedt:

Her fine art eye for color and texture makes this artist one not to miss.




Ellie Rahim:

Sketches by Ellie have a fun and minimal look with splashes of paint and texture.




Garance Doré:

Blogger and illustrator Garance is known for her minimalist and simple fashion illustrations that have caught the eyes of the fashion industry. Her illustration talent has allowed her to collaborate with brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Céline, Kate Spade, Chloé, Tiffany & Co., Chopard, and Reed Krakoff.



Ruben Toledo:

Ruben's work has appeared on every major fashion magazine from Vogue to Elle, his works are often seen in seasonal fashion campaigns of fashion stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue or Nordstrom. Ruben’s quirky style is what sets him apart from other illustrators. He is likely the Fashion Illustrator whose work you have seen most because of his popularity with fashion stores and magazines. 



Anna Kiper:

Anna is a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Parson's School of Design, teaching fashion design and illustration classes since 2001. Her whimsical illustrations have landed her clients such as Calvin Klein, Maggie Norris Couture, and Mondi Germany.




 Blair Breitenstein:

Blair doesn’t believe in erasers. Every mark whether intentional or not has a purpose in her whimsical and high fashion works of art. With clients like Prada, Saks, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, Blair is quickly becoming an industry favorite.


Meagan Morrison:

With travel in mind, Meagan sketches runway looks through a fashion-art lens. With bold colors and textures, she illustrates her fashionable adventures traveling the world with sketchbook in hand.


Pippa McManus:

Pippa is known for her bold colors and breathtaking portraits of models and beautiful women. Most of her illustrations are filled with color, texture, and pattern, making each piece unique.



Here at Jia Collection we had the pleasure of having artist and fashion illustrator Nat Suarez illustrate our reversible Amandine dress in these two paintings.




Jia Collection also has fashion illustrators on our own team! Jia’s assistant Carolyn Buch is an artist and fashion illustrator. She specializes in bold outfits and an edgy vibe in her fashion sketches.  




Last but certainly not least, our designer Jia has loved fashion illustration and learned about the craft while studying at The Fashion Institute of Technology. Here are some of her personal sketches.



The uniqueness of seeing a handcrafted illustration and appreciating its beauty and effort is the same concept we strive for at Jia Collection. We don’t loose sight of what is important, which is the time and effort that goes into creating something timeless and elegant with authenticity.

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