Comfort or style? You should have both!

Birkenstocks, Uggs, and Sneakers... what do they have in common? Ugly? Check. Traditional? Check. Comfortable? Check. But do you know they are all hot items now? A few years ago we probably never would have guessed they'd make a comeback (or stick around for this long), but the completely unexpected has happened in the fashion world.

In the past, fashion and style was equated with an obsession over trends and the newest "in" designs, often at the cost of comfort and function. You need only to think of the sidewalks of New York in days gone by when almost every professional woman was walking down the street in high heels. Beauty is pain, everyone would say. However, this old-fashioned adage is now being challenged and replaced by a new notion: comfortable designs that are built to help, rather than hinder, you in your daily to-do list. 

In the photo below, ladies in two left look a lot more comfortable than the one on the right, and we bet if they all are running from same street corner to get a taxi's attention on a rainy day, the two left on the left will get it a lot faster than the one on the right! 



And how often when you are wearing heels, you have to strut so carefully so that they don't get stuck in an air vent on the side walk or escalator. Do these pictures remind you of yourself sometimes?



The millennial generation, are falling out of love with buying trendier fashion that is made to only last a season. Instead, shoppers are turning to stores that create simple, well made, functional, and above all, comfortable clothing that they know they can rely on.

AdWeek article ”Why Fashion Millennials Are Flocking to Online Brands for Wardrobe Basics" points to fashion companies' desire to be more authentic and transparent, the customers' demand for more personalized customer experience, and such demand and desire happen to cross over at fashion designs that are more basics than trendy pieces. Overall, it points to the fact that customers want brands that will help them to feel comfortable throughout their busy schedules. 

The Guardian’s article “Substance over Style: How Can Brands Capitalise on New Found Fashion Trends?” also explores this new “comfort” trend. It takes a look at how Birkenstocks, a shoe company many would write off as plain (or just plain ugly), took off in recent years. Regardless of how you feel about Birkenstocks, or about Teva - the other brand discussed - it’s impossible to deny the timelessness of these companies or their comfortable products.

Garance Dore grapples with this new obsession with comfort in her post, “Style/Comfort,” in which she discusses our rediscovered love for the sneaker. Have you noticed any in your workplace? Although Garance leaves the true cause of this trend open, may it be out of laziness or for style, we can relate to this desire for comfort.

Image Courtesy of Garance Dore


You might feel it is too casual to wear sneakers or basic T-shirt to work.  Well just don't be the first one to do that at work. But if you have sported few other people do that, then most likely you are fine to do so as well. In a recent article "There's a startlingly simple reason that Americans dress so casually, according to a historian" on Business Insider, it says the Americans dress so casually simply because we can. Unlike in the early 20th century, when we are expected to dress in a certain way or want to dress aspirationally to belong, now we have more freedom and seek individuality expression through our casual dressing. 

Don't want to look too casual no matter what? Then simply choose pieces that are non-casual but also have comfort. Our blog post "Styles with Comfort for the Modern Woman" shows you how to easily accomplish that. 

We are happy to see that more and more people and brands embrace that style and comfort can go hand in hand. And when you have comfort, you have more confidence and you always wear your best outfit. It is the combination of the simplicity in design with comfort that makes Birkenstocks, Uggs, and Sneakers long lasting brands, and other fashion designers are taking note.   



Besides, really who wants to just be trendy anyway? If you are not comfortable in your own skin or with what you wear, you run the risk of just becoming plain tacky:


We create our designs to go perfectly from the office to drinks, but we also design them only using the best fabrics to keep our customers comfortable no matter what they have in their schedules. We always embrace comfort, style, and versatility above all else, so our customers never have to compromise. Our classic designs are made to have a modern edge, so you can still feel like a fashionista without being a slave to fashion trends. We are firm believers in this new trend of comfort and thoughtful buying, but we are also confident that you can be cozy while still looking polished and professional. It turns out you can look great and feel great, too.

Our motto is: "Comfort or style? You can and should have both!"



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