Dress for Success Made Easy with Versatile Wardrobe

Deciding what to wear to work everyday can be challenging enough without the added pressure of looking different everyday.

'The fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don't wear her.' - Mary Quant. 

Juggling a thriving professional life and social life can be tough. I’m sure every career woman would appreciate saving time in the morning, which is why we are featuring one of our customers and her stylish work week wardrobe.              

Sourya showed us how 3 pieces from our collection can look unique for every day of the week and some nights too! We just love how simple and elegant the outfits look and know that you can have fun with them too. She used Alda reversible dress, 2-way Oksana Zip-up Cardigan/Dress and the 2-way Dominika Top and came up with 7 beautiful outfits.



It’s the beginning of October, which means it’s pumpkin season! Don’t the colors remind you of pumpkins and autumn leaves?  

Our customer, Sourya, put together looks from Monday through Friday, showing us how versatile our designs are.


Jia Collection’s Dominika Top layered over the Reversible Alda Dress


Jia Collection’s Oksana Zip-up Cardigan/Dress


She seamlessly transitioned into a sexy date outfit from her sophisticated work outfit. Switch up the tote for a cross body bag, the wedges for some stilettos and Voilà! you’re ready for your date.

 Jia Collection’s Alda Dress with the Oksana Zip-up Sweater


Even though she used the same pieces on Wednesday and Thursday they look completely different! By reversing the Alda dress, she created an alternative look.

 Jia Collection’s Alda Dress with the Oksana Zip-up Cardigan/Dress

Whether it’s a casual Friday or a Fashion Friday, Sourya is ready for anything. She looks chic with the Dominika top draped like a poncho over the Alda dress and sexy in the simple fitted Alda dress. Slip on your party shoes and have a night out on the town.

 Jia Collection’s Dominika Top layered over the Reversible Alda Dress

We love what she’s done with the pieces. How would you style them?

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