15 Most Inspirational Quotes from S.H.E Summit 2015

We’re feeling inspired and awestruck by the women entrepreneurs that we saw and heard when we attended the S.H.E Summit in New York this week. It’s amazing what these women have accomplished in their personal and professional lives and it’s truly an inspiration to women world over.

S.H.E Summit’s mission is to be the world’s most accessible women’s empowerment conference – exposing today’s leading role models, empowerment stories and strategies, women’s campaigns and supportive community to a global female audience who have the power to ripple affect change in their own lives and for the betterment of other women and the world.

It is truly a event for the like-minded to get together. We met our customers, mentor and even celebrity fan here at the event!

Highlights from the Summit 

Jia was wearing our Hana reversible dress for the 2 day conference. Can you tell she was wearing the same dress? She had the pleasure of meeting these two beautiful dynamic women:

HANA reversible knit dress - Silk/Cashmere- Jia Collection
Jia Li with Model, Actress and Author Patricia Velasquez (Left)
Jia Li with SHE Summit Founder Claudia Chan (Right)

BELA reversible knit jacquard dress - Jia Collection
We spotted our customer Caroline at the Summit sporting both sides of the Bela reversible dress

We picked 15 inspirational quotes from 15 dynamic women who spoke at the Summit:

1. Aliza Licht
Author of Leave your Mark

"Give 200 percent of what you have at present, keep your eye on what is next. When you give your best, you will accomplish."

2. Lisa Gersh
Former CEO & President
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

"You might be scared. But if you are really passionate about it, you figure it out."
3. Ali Brown
Entrepreneur Mentor
Ali International 

"Stick with what you stand for. Make no apologies."

4. Joanna Weidenmiller

360 Fashion Network

"Don't believe in status quo. Don’t believe in what people tell you you can’t do. Never give up on your dreams."
5. Theresa Laurico
Social Entrepreneur,
Speaker& Founder, SocialLIGHT

"Find something that angers you and what you love, then put your love into action to fight against what angers you, then you have a purpose."

6. Tara Mohr

Author, Playing Big
& Founder, Playing Big Women's Leadership Program

"Don't wait on confidence. Become an expert at hearing that inner critics and accept it. Find your inner mentor through envisioning where you want to be in 20 years and let that vision guide you."

7. Kathy Caprino
International Career Success Coach
Forbes Contributor & Founder
TheAmazing CareerProject

"Mind set is critical but it's not a business plan. Have the courage to feel fear but take action! Do the thing that makes you fearful. Fear means go! Innovation means strategy for the future. The obstacles create the opportunities!"

8. Sharon Lechter
Author, Think & Grow Rich for Women and Founder & CEO 
Pay Your Family First

"Definition of worry is to pray what you don't want to happen. Re-energize and catch the fear to re-frame and move forward. Don't let worry hold you back. Collaboration and speed to market requires collectively coming together to achieve results. Diversity, embrace people who are different from you. "

9. Claudia Chan

Women's Empowerment Leader
& SHE Summit Founder

"To be courageous we have to be vulnerable. Live a life of courage but be prepared for critics, shame, self-doubt etc... Work with it and be vulnerable. Be present not guarded. Be open to the opportunities around us. Break barriers. Your power to believe is your greatest power. (Mantra)"

Kelly Lovell
Youth Expert, Speaker & CEO
Lovell Corporation
"Market your personal brand but be conscious of your social voice. Your social footprint is what people judge you by. Make sure the message is true to who you really are. "

11. Manisha Thakor
Director of Wealth Strategies for
Women at Buckingham & The BAM Alliance

"Use joy as the metric to how you spend money & cut out what doesn't. Live a financially examined life, clarify where you are today & where you want to go."

12. Joyce Chang


“Believe in yourself, stand up for yourself, take care of yourself – and the world is yours."

13. Latham Thomas 

Mama Glow

"Learn forgiveness, softening, stop comparing yourself to others. Check your status from within. Have a " real" community. Balance doesn't exist. Create a sense of wellbeing because real life is always in flux. It's how we care for ourselves that we can care for others, nurture & be compassionate throughout life."

Latham is also one of Jia Collection fans, few years ago she wore one of Jia's designs on the cover of Experience Life Magazine! 
Latham Thomas_Jia Collection

14. Aimee Raupp

Author, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant

"Balance in life to sustain a healthy body, whether you want to get pregnant or not. Create a healthy environment & supportive community for your self (mind & body)."

15. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Congresswoman (FL-23)

"Too many girls grow up believing that “power” is not feminine. Women should embrace the idea of power! Obtain it and use it as a force for good."

We salute and applaud these women for their accomplishments and successes. We truly believe that empowered women will change the world for the better. And to really empower women, women need to help each other. 

We are truly thankful to those who have helped us. We want to especially thank our mentor Fran Hauser who was a featured speaker at the event. Jia couldn't be any happier seeing Fran at the event and learning from her again. 
Left: Fran Hauser    Right: Jia Li

To learn more about the Summit visit www.shesummit.claudiachan.com/
Check out the pieces Jia Li and Caroline were wearing here: www.jiacollection.com

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