Why Everyone Loves this 6-way Coat

Ok, apparently everyone cannot get enough of this coat! And we understand why.

How many of you struggle with trying to pack for trips, especially in cold weather? Sweaters and coats can be bulky and space consuming. How do you fit everything you need into a weekend duffel bag? You pack multifunctional versatile pieces that give you more outfits with less, that’s how.

Like the Hayden Coat from Jia Collection. It’s the real deal. Don’t believe us? Well maybe you’ll believe Adam Glassman, Creative Director of O, The Oprah Magazine!

Jia Collection’s Hayden Coat featured on O, The Oprah magazine

When you can get 6 different looks from one coat, why would you pack more than one? It can be a warm overcoat or an edgy motorcycle jacket, depending on the need. Wear it on the soft brown leatherette side or the cosy faux shearling side, or even mix and match for an interesting look!

 The 6-in-1 Hayden Coat/Jacket from Jia Collection


Luxury travel and food writer, Leah Walker took the Hayden to the Alps. She wrote:

“Faux shearling on one side and brown leatheresque fabric on the other, this coat can be worn six different ways. Seriously, I didn’t believe it until went all Inspector Clouseau on the coat. Sure enough—six ways! I wore it long in the mountains, then zipped off the bottom and wore it short in the cities. It was perfect.”


Leah Walker in the Alps, looking warm and chic in the Hayden Coat

Read more about Leah’s adventures in pieces from Jia Collection in her blog post

Packing Problem Solved by a Wardrobe Wizard – Jia Collection.


Speaker and strategist Kelly Hoey seems to want to take the Hayden everywhere she goes. And she does, if her posts are any indication! We particularly like her comment:

“Warmth and style – this coat can be worn in 6 stylishly different ways. Yes, clearly designed by a woman for women!”




From the Swiss Alps to picturesque Vermont, this coat definitely fits in. Jia Li packed Hayden for her weekend getaway to Vermont last weekend, and was very happy she did! It was no joke when the temperature was in the 20s!


Jia in the Hayden creating three different looks just by making it shorter and reversing it.


From mountains to the cities, from weekday to weekend, this 6-way coat can literally go anywhere and wear with anything in the cold weather, giving you warmth, style and options! No wonder O Magazine is 'Crazy for it'! 

And no wonder why everyone loves it! 


Shop the Hayden at www.jiacollection.com

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