The Perfect Sweater for Work, Vacation and Leisure

We always have fun trying to find new ways to wear the pieces from Jia Collection and this week we played around with the cozy, chic Claudette sweater. It can be worn back to front and inside out for at least 4 different looks. And it is ideal for a weekend getaway , a business meeting or casual date outfit.  

You might wonder, how can a sweater to be worn to so many different occasions and offer so many different looks? Well let's show you how. 

Jia Collection Claudette reversible sweater in red
Jia Collection Claudette reversible sweater in black

We were happy to see Scandal’s lead actress Kerry Washington looking chic in the Claudette. The muted colors and simplicity are perfectly aligned with her minimalist style.

Kerry Washington looking flawless in the Claudette


You can wear it with trousers, shorts, skirts, a casual jacket, a suit, or just about anything! This sweater is so versatile that you can have a lot of fun styling it and make it your own. We like the tweed texture and how the cuffs add a nice contrast. With a classic look with a modern edge, Claudette works perfectly in both the countryside and the city.  


Claudette in the countryside

Last weekend, Jia Li went to Vermont with friends to enjoy the changing leaves and picturesque scenery. Armed with a few comfortable pieces, she packed light but stayed warm. How many of you struggle with trying to pack for trips, especially in cold weather? Sweaters and coats can be bulky and space consuming. How do you fit everything you need into a weekend duffel bag? You pack multifunctional versatile pieces that give you more outfits with less, that’s how!

The contents of Jia’s Weekend Duffel

Isn’t Vermont beautiful in the fall? It made the perfect setting to show off the versatile Claudette. Jia wore it with black pants, a fitted black skirt, and our Hayden 6-way coat while on her vacation.



Claudette in the city


Claudette paired with fitted black pants and booties.

In this photo, you can see, we wore it short, instead of its regular length. All we did was just to fold the hem to the inside and it will change from a long sweater to a short sweater!

You can also make it look formal by pairing it with a blazer and a skirt or wear it long over a skirt. We like how it looks so different compared to the more casual looks. It works for any occasion and it’s warm to boot!

Claudette worn with a black skirt suit and black pumps.


Wear back to the front!

Now let's get a little more creative, wearing the back to the front, and create two more new looks!
   Claudette paired with leather shorts, tights and rain boots.

Claudette worn over a white skirt and cinched at the waist with a belt.

Tell us how you would style the Claudette!

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