How to Dress for Unpredictable Weather

With weather in NYC being unseasonably warm for November (almost hit the record today at 73 degree!) and such similar weather pattern is happening everywhere else, we thought we’d come up with a few looks that will help you prepare for unpredictable weather. You never know how warm or cold it is going to be till you leave the house, unprepared. You might have to trade in your shorts and minis for the fall but it’s still warm enough to wear some of those spring/summer styles with the right layers.

Here are some tips to be prepared for unpredictable weather:

  1. Layering your outfits will save you from this crazy weather. If you have on enough layers you can cool down by taking some off and stay warm by keeping them on. Scarves, cardigans, capes are good layers.
  2. Carry a big bag for all your essentials like tissues, hand cream, Chap Stick, gloves etc.
  3. Carry a small collapsible umbrella in your tote and a folded plastic bag to put the wet umbrella in.
  4. Carry or wear a scarf. It can be used to wrap your cold hands in or to cover your head in a sudden downpour.
  5. Wear comfortable closed shoes that aren’t too warm but will protect your feet.
  6. Wear versatile pieces that can easily transition from cold weather to warm weather. 

We took 4 pieces from our spring/summer collection and transitioned them for colder weather to give you some ideas on how to dress for fickle weather. 

The reversible Taylor sweater is so flatter on both the pink and camel sides. We like the pink and grey combination for a spring date outfit. The edgy oxblood, black and gold look with the camel side is a perfect fall outfit. 


The reversible Taylor sweater from Jia Collection


The reversible Blanche sweater from Jia collection can be styled to look classy for both warm and cold weather. We like using the lighter side to offset the darker colors during winter and the darker side to add definition in the summer.  


The reversible Blanche sweater from Jia Collection


This reversible Careen dress looks summery when styled with bright yellows and golds and elegant for cold weather when paired with silver accessories and a soft grey coat.


The reversible Careen dress from Jia Collection


Wear this reversible Adalina dress with filigree and crystal jewelry and pastel layers for a feminine spring outfit or accessorize with a leather jacket and boots for an edgy winter look.

The reversible Adalina dress from Jia Collection


Tell us how you prepare for unpredictable weather. 

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