Top 12 Products Every Woman Should Carry In Her Handbag

Are you a business woman, traveler, entrepreneur, stay at home mom, or all the above? Then you are the woman on the go who always has to juggle many tasks and get a million different things done. How do you maintain your appearance and keep yourself together throughout the day and night? Let’s be real. A woman’s handbag is our best friend. Inside every woman’s handbag contains products that are essential to her everyday life. Check out what we think are the top 12 awesome essential products that you should carry in your handbag. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did. 

essential items for your handbag

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1. Smartphone - Every woman on the go needs her smartphone. Doesn’t it solve so many problems for us? Need to find a great restaurant nearby? Yelp! Need to get a car to pick you up wherever you are? Uber! Lost and need to find where you are? Google Maps!  There is almost an app for any imaginable problem out there, shall we say smartphone is second to our best friend?


2. Ban Total Refresh Cooling Wipes – These refreshing wipes come in handy during those hot summer days, especially when you have back to back meetings all over the city. Instead of showing up looking wet like it rained, use a wipe to absorb the sweat. It also cools your skin.


3. Tom Ford Nude Lipstick – Women on the go need a quick touch-up here and there whether in between meetings, after lunch, or before a date. Nude is one of the top classic lipstick colors. It’s simple and perfect for any type of occasion.

Tom Ford Lipstick

4. Altoid Breath Mints – No toothbrush? No toothpaste? No problem. Pop a breath mint whenever you feel the need to. Let’s say you’re on a date. You wouldn’t want to have coffee breath just as you’re about to lean in for a kiss right? It’s not cute.



5. Clinique Foundation – A touch-up is much needed for those days when you’re working late. After half a day, your face is nearly gone. Re-apply and you’re ready to go!

Clinique foundation


6. Benefit Cosmetics Mascara – No eyelash curler? No problem. Benefit Cosmetics “They’re Real” mascara puts the eyelash curler to shame. It lengthens, curls, volumes, and lifts the lashes giving you those Bette Davis eyes.


7. Tory Burch Roller Ball Perfume – Spritzing yourself in your favorite scent makes you feel refreshed. It can even help relieve a bit of stress and mask body odor. The last thing you want is smelling horrible around people that they want to avoid you.

Tory Burch Perfume Roller


8. Clarins Hand Cream – We work with our hands all the time, whether it be writing, sketching, typing, washing our hands, assembling products, etc. that we forget to give a little TLC to them. Moisturize before giving someone that firm handshake.

Clarins Hand Cream



9. Chantecaille Eyeliner – Heading for an event after work? Eyeliner can easily transform your appearance to a night look with a simple cat eye or a smoky effect.

Chantecaille Eyeliner

10. Pinch Provisions Stain Remover Wipes – Realized you managed to stain your dress? These cute little stain remover wipes help remove stains. Now you won’t have to worry about hiding a stain for the rest of the day.

Pinch Provisions Stain Remover

11. Karen Walker Sunglasses – Sunglasses are not only bold and stylish, but they also help protect your eyes from the sun and those windy days when you want to avoid getting debris in your eyes.

Karen Walker Sunglasses


12. MAC Compact Mirror – Having a compact mirror makes the retouching process much easier if you’re in a cab or before you walk into a building. Tip: Always check to see if there is something stuck in your teeth. Otherwise you’ll be grinning with spinach and pepper stuck in between your teeth and feeling embarrassed about it afterwards.

MAC Compact Mirror

We’ve highlighted our own top 12 products that we think women should carry in their handbag. But what about you? What are your top products that you carry in your handbag? Share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know!


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