One Dress, Four Ways

LaurenPrice-4-ways_JiaCollection Amandine reversible dress

Versatility is one of the most appealing characteristics of Jia Collection’s lovely knit garments.  Bloggers such as Lauren Price of Lucky Magazine capture this quality in styling each Jia garment in a variety of ways.  Jia’s AMANDINE reversible dress featured in the Lucky Magazine post can be worn with a blazer or a short waisted cardigan to add a level of sophistication for the office, or paired with a jean jacket to up the cool factor for a concert in the park.


LaurenPrice-Jia Collection Amandine reversible dress


Imagine wearing this dress to a weekend concert in Central Park, sharing a blanket in the grass, a bottle of wine and cheese and crackers, laughing and swaying in time to the music with your closest of friends.  Accessorize with a hat, scarf or favorite over scale necklace and bangle bracelets and you add a bit of glamour or attitude to your favorite classic.  Knowing that you can reverse this dress from a white ground on one side to blue on the other multiplies the number of options you have for dressing it up and having fun.


LaurenPrice-Jia Collection Amandine reversible dress


Lauren said “I literally had about ten ways I could style each side. The shape, the colors, the fit... pure perfection. From day to night, brunch to girls night out, there are so many fun ways to wear this dress.” We completely agree!

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