Romantic Summer Nights


Taylor Morgan shows great enthusiasm for Jia Collection’s reversible EDITH pullover in her blog post, as she found so many of her favorite garments paired perfectly with this subtle, classically striped sweater.  A full-skirted look with a wide waist-cinching belt and a statement necklace was her first choice for dressing the top up for work. You can find her full post here

Her selection of nude heels is spot-on for trend, and she carries a very cool handbag.  You can tell that Taylor is a fashion savvy girl by the items she has in her own closet.  Her decision to pair Jia Collection EDITH pullover with fitted jeans, low boots and a great belt is the perfect look for a casual date night.




Consider this, your boyfriend plans an evening that is relaxing, fun and low-key to help you both unwind on a Sunday night before heading back to the office for the new week.  You want to look casual, cool and comfortable.  Your Jia Collection EDITH pullover is the perfect article to do the trick.  You know that blue is his favorite color, and what man isn’t a pushover for nautical stripes? First he treats you to a movie; a romantic comedy that he knows will start you laughing and snuggling in to him in the theater, as you enjoy every minute of this light-hearted hand-holding event.




Setting just the right mood for a drink afterwards at his favorite pub, which features locally brewed craft beers on tap, and an outdoor space in the back with large trees and lightly candle lit tables, perfect for star-gazing.

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