Finding the Perfect Fit…

We were looking for a host for our event and through the introduction of NYC Invitations we met Cortney Renee.

She was the perfect host for our event for a multitude of reasons but mainly because of her experience as a philanthropic brand ambassador, spokesmodel, and professional model. Her great look and passion for high impact fashion events was an instant fit!

When it came time for us to select a Jia Collection dress for her to wear, we knew we needed something bold, sophisticated and flattering. The Bettina dress was the perfect pick!


Hampton preview 01

It looked phenomenal on her (and all the party guests wouldn’t let her forget it). It’s a great dress for a woman with full, feminine curves, just like Cortney




From Cortney:

My long-term partnership and relationship with NYC Invitations opened the door for me to learn about the Jia Collection and I wanted to be a part of making preview a huge success. And I know the importance of having a skilled, charismatic host for any event one expects a large crowd to enjoy.

If there is a message to share during the evening it is best to give an eloquent, expert voice to bring life to that message both on-stage and in real moments.

I love the fact that the Jia Collection identifies with women who are well-traveled, adventurous, and welcome change in life like the bright colors of the line!

The dress I wore was a gorgeous, sea foam green and it definitely hugged the curves which is what I am known for in the modeling world. Every moment of the evening I had a guest complimenting my dress and wanting pictures with me! It was all the dress, most definitely. Every woman needs that special dress to make her stand out in a crowd and the Jia Collection is the perfect candidate for stand out moments, while maintaining comfort, flexibility and versatility.

I can’t wait to wear the dress on the reversible side, a lovely summer white! I know it will stop the show again where ever I choose to go!

Thanks for my lovely dress, Jia Collection! I can’t wait to do more with you in the fashion space!

Embracing Change,




Cortney’s Bio:
Cortney Renee moved to NYC to attend The King’s College where she studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Her pursuit of modeling and acting has provided appearances in Brides magazine, Miami Swim Week 2011, and feature films including How To Lose Friends and Alienate People, August, and TV shows How To Make It In America and Gossip Girl.

Other fashion clients include: Levis, Gap, Conair, Jones NY, to name a few.

Her passion for justice inspired involvement in the 2009 launch of Stop Child Trafficking Now and she serves as a spokesperson for the issue presently. In 2010, her love for fashion and philanthropy birthed her namesake blog whichaims to promote ethical fashion. Her experience with brands and events lead her to found Collectivity Partners, a consultancy that services clients in the non-profit and social enterprise space.

She currently resides in NYC and works to provide her clients with strategic partnerships aiming to grow their business and their giving. Her long term goal is to be a social entrepreneur one day and launch her own philanthropic fashion line!


Yours truly,

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