Taking Tips from Bombshell Christina Hendricks: How Curvy Ladies Can Sizzle in Knits

English-American Actress, Christina Hendricks rocketed to fame with her role on the television series “Mad Men”. Besides the flawless portrayal of her character Joan Holloway and her fiery red locks, Hendricks became known for her jaw-dropping curves.

She might not be able to fit into a size zero, a trait that’s been coveted by so many Hollywood starlets, but she still manages to outshine some of her super-slender costars when she walks on set. Although genetics are partially responsible for her stunning figure, she admits that she enhances what nature gave her with shapewear.


In an interview on “Conan” she talks about her authentic 60s-style underwear.

“We have the full undergarments and the slips and the thing over that. It’s a little bit of work to get dressed”.

Apparently the undergarments are also responsible for her sexy signature walk.

“You put these things on and they sort of make you stand upright and your body just naturally moves a certain way,” she said. “I always thought that’s what made this sort of walk happen — you put these undergarments on and this tight dress.”

While at Coterie, we saw so many women come into our booth, look wistfully at our designs and sigh as they said, “You have to have a perfect body to wear something like that”.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Even if you don’t have a “perfect body” you can still enjoy the elegance and versatility of knitwear. Even big-name designers like London-based Mark Fast have realized that curve-hugging silhouettes can look even more sultry on women with some curves to hug!


Fast caused an uproar when he debuted his collection of clingy knitwear on models that weren’t stick thin. He claimed,

“A lot of people think it’s not appropriate to use plus-size models, but I met these girls and I loved their charisma. They’re just jewels, you know?”

Basically it’s all about your attitude; don’t let self-consciousness dim your natural radiance!

Jia Collection’s functional garments are designed to fit into a modern woman’s lifestyle and infuse it with sophistication. And guess what? We know that the modern woman isn’t always a size 6.

The secret to pulling off an elegant look with knitwear is having the proper undergarments. An ill-fitted bra, or panties that bunch will be magnified underneath knitwear. But the solution to this problem is simple: A great body-shaper that fits you correctly. Knitwear drapes beautifully over a good body-shaper and people will be admiring your curves instead of staring at unwanted bulges.

Most women cringe when they hear the term “body-shapers”. They think it’s just a polite term for those unsightly girdles that their mothers used to wear. Or they see the fact that they need a body-shaper to be an indication of some short-coming on their part, and are too embarrassed to purchase one.

Get all of those false notions out of your head! If Christina Hendricks can divulge the subterfuge of her unmentionables on national television, you can at least summon the courage to try some on! And now there are many sexy options for body-shapers so that you look just as good underneath your clothes.

We did some research to help you get started on your hunt….

First up are some options from Style Bop. The majority of the shapers on this site are quite sleek and functional.

(From left to right) Spanx, Nude Underwire Bra Shape Suit, $200, Spanx, Black Undie-tectable High-Waisted Panty, $105, Spanx, Rose Gold Slimmer & Shine Open Bust Bodysuit $160.


Net-A-Porter, who always features a great selection of luxury goods, had more of a variety of brands and fabric options.

(From left to right) Yummie Tummie, Lavonne stretch slip, $78, Wolford, Mystery Forming stretch-mesh bodysuit, $260


f you want something a little saucy, we suggest you check out some designs from the UK like the ones at House of Fraser. They also feature some pieces from Maidenform (who collaborated with costume designer, Janie Bryant, to create the undergarments for Mad Men!).

(From left to right) Luleh by Maidenform Boudoir, firm control full slip with foam cups, £ 48.00, Triumph, Shape Sensation Body, £ 58.00, Luleh by Maidenform Boudoir, high waist thigh slimmer, £ 36.00


So stop doubting yourself. There’s a whole world of fashion that you’re unnecessarily excluding yourself from. Knitwear is definitely an option for you and you can start your search with this curve-hugging piece from Jia Collection.

Jia Collection Alda reversible dress

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