How Reversible/Multifunctional Designs Help Busy Women Save Time, Energy, Money, and Space

Don’t we all want to have more time, energy, money and space to do the things we love to do? Wouldn’t it be awesome if there is some magic formula for making this happen?

Time, energy, money, and space - each one of these four is not an unlimited resource. We have to allocate them for many activities. If we can find the most efficient way of using each of these four, then we can allocate more of them to do the things we love to do, and less of them to the ones we don’t. Simple right?

Wear more reversible/multifunctional designs to move from Scenario A to Scenario B.

Dressing is a big part of a woman’s life. If not done efficiently, it can suck up a lot of our time, energy, money and space. But if done efficiently, we will be able to allocate more of our finite and precious resources to other things we love to do or want to accomplish.

We at Jia Collection bring you multifunctional fashion so you can spend least time worrying about what to wear, yet look great all the time. Optimized efficiency in daily dressing is our ultimate goal.

So how do reversible/multifunctional designs help you save save time, energy, money and space exactly? Let's take a look below.

1. How reversible/multifunctional designs help you save time. 

You already know that your favorite reversible dress or pullover fits you well, is very comfortable, and looks great on you, so you can simply flip the it to the other side for a different look. Bam! No thinking. It’s done, easy. You spend 10 minutes less trying to figure out what to wear. For some of us it takes much longer than 10 minutes!

Besides, you will save the 30 minutes that you want to spend on looking for that new fashion piece for the party you are going to. Just flip the dress that you were wearing 3 days ago inside out and you will look instantly ready for that fun outing. We all know how obsessive we can be when we are trying to find that ‘perfect’ dress for an occasion, so 30 minutes is a very conservative guess!

Isn’t this why Steve Jobs and super designer Karl Largerfeld wear the same outfit all the time? They know what works for them and they stick to it. I know you are saying, “Oh well, but they are men”. Ok now let’s look at the invincible fashion icon Anna Wintour: she is a busy woman, most likely busier than any of us (she gets up at 4am! who does that?!), and she looks awesomely put-together all the time. For her profession’s sake, she probably cannot repeat any outfit, otherwise she will be judged. But have you realized that she pretty much only wear two silhouettes of dresses?

One is the sleeveless/short-sleeve tight-body pencil skirt silhouette:


anna wintour style 01


The other one is the sleeveless/short-sleeve tight-body flare skirt silhouette:


anna wintour style 02


All of these dresses are either knee length or right below the knee, and they are either solid or have an all over pattern.

With our reversible designs, Anna would wear a more serious side to work, and then flip to the more fun side for her after work party. Anna probably doesn’t need to do this with her assembly of assistants carrying her dresses, but just in case one day she is all on her own, this could be quite convenient for her.


2. How reversible/multifunctional designs save you energy.

Don’t we all dread doing laundry or having to bringing clothes to dry cleaner? It's such a hassle! If a R/M (abbreviation for reversible/multifunctional) piece is not next to skin, or if you don’t sweat heavily, you can easily wear your R/M designs a few times before you get them washed. With R/M designs, you don’t need to do laundry as often so you save the energy you spend on doing laundry, as well as time! 

And because you wash less, you consume less water/electricity energy in the long run.

Also, most ladies don’t like to carry a lot of stuff around with them especially when they are running from place to place, or have a overnight stay at boyfriend’s place. With R/M designs, you won’t have to carry that extra dress that you want to switch into for your next event or next day anymore.


3. How reversible designs save money?.

This is the most obvious one! 2-in-1! 4-in-1! or 6-in-1!

We don’t charge you four times of the price just because it is a four-way piece. It is only slightly more expensive than a one-way piece because of the more complex construction and slight more material used. So four times more usage but only 10% higher price than a regular piece? It should be a no brainer! Besides, it depends on who you compare us to. We don’t charge ridiculous price like those ‘luxury premium’ brands.  Our prices are more than reasonable for what you get.


4. How reversible designs save space.

With R/M designs, you are able to accomplish more with less. You will have more space in your closet, and your luggage will no longer be jam-packed. You can now finally fit everything in a carry-on!

These are physical spaces, how about mental space? With less mental energy focused on what to wear, now you can think about and take care of other more important things.

Let’s put the savings into a dollar amount value.

Let’s say if you make $50 an hour and we only calculate the weekdays:

1. save time - 10minx5(days)+30min=80 mins a week=320mins/month (=5.33 hours)  5.33x$50=$266 saved per month

2. save energy - dry clean cost of one dress $10x2=$20 a week=$80 per month

3. save money - $200/dress, save buying 3 new dresses per week=$200x3 =$600 a week=$2400 per month (if you do rotate what you wear, then divide by how many times you repeat wearing the same piece per month. If you rotate 4 times, you still save $600 a week buying new dress. It may seem like the more you rotate, the less you save. But it is money saved that you don't have to spend. Without the R/M functionality, you will have to spend more to get the same amount of looks no matter what)

4. save space - one luggage fee =$35 travel once a month $35 (not calculating the possible storage space you have to rent)


$981 saved a month plus a lot less of stress! 


Blogger Lacey Maffettone wear Jia Collection Clara 4-way dress/cardigan for 4 different looks.

Blogger Lacey Maffettone wear Jia Collection Clara 4-way dress/cardigan for 4 different looks.


The above savings are achieved given that you truly love each of your reversible piece and actually love to wear them all the time. Next week, we will talk about how to truly love what you own and wear those pieces all the time, without looking outdated. We won’t just talk about R/M designs, but everything you own, including from other brands.


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