10 Items to Pack for the Perfect Winter Weekend Getaway

Packing for a snowy winter getaway isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when you’re just as concerned with staying warm as you are staying stylish. In fact, when you start to compile your ski gear, you may wonder how you’ll even be able to fit fashionable attire in your luggage. After many trips to St. Mortiz and Vail, I’ve mastered packing the statement pieces that keep me cozy without sacrificing looking chic or getting lost in mismatched layers.  To ensure that you have space in your luggage for style after packing your goggles, helmet and other skiing essentials, I compiled a list of key items to bring on your trip.  So whether you are hitting the slopes, lounging by a fire or heading out for après ski drinks, you’ll look chic.

Winter ski outfits reversible sweater pullover

1.  Ear Muffs

When not wearing a helmet on the slopes, earmuffs are the best statement accessory for keeping warm without ending up with hat hair.


2.  Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are perfect for deflecting the light from the bright white snow. Bonus: You can wear them for an après ski drink on the mountain and hide any eye makeup smudges from your ski goggles.


3. Reversible Sweater

Since your suitcase is loaded up with heavy ski gear, you’ll need to pack light for your time off the slopes. The Claudette reversible sweater is perfect: it can be worn two different ways, which frees up room in your luggage for snow accessories.  It's also available in black/white and red/white.


4. Fur Vest

A fur, or faux fur, vest will look great with a casual daytime look or can be dressed up at night, while also providing an alternative to a heavy jacket when not on the slopes. Bonus: It adds a layer of warmth under your coat while skiing.


5.  Stylish Ski Jacket

To maximize the space in your suitcase, wear a ski jacket that looks equally as good as a stylish street coat. Look for a thin down jacket that will provide warmth without being too bulky, and stick to sleek neutral colors so it can be paired with any outfit.


6.  Athletic Leggings

There have been a lot of collaborations between designers and athletic brands lately, resulting in fashionable active wear. Pack a pair of these leggings so that you can transition seamlessly from skiing to dinner and drinks.


7.  Convertible Carry On/Purse

To maximize the items that you can pack, I suggest a bag built with multiple compartments and designed as a carry on.  Even more important, select a style that also looks great as a purse to carry during the weekend.


8.  Cashmere Gloves

These are warm and stylish enough to be worn during the day or out for the night, and great for layering under heavier ski gloves to avoid getting cold.


9.  Snow Boots

No matter what your plans entail, you’ll need to get around in the snow without worrying about falling or wet feet. Chic snow boots are great for the trek to the mountain or daytime shopping.


10.  Warm Heels

Eventually you’ll want to dress your look up with a nice pair of heels, but without risking freezing or making it too difficult to walk on slippery terrain. I suggest a pair of fashionable leather booties with a chunky heel. Stay away from stilettos when walking on ice and avoid suede in case you encounter salted roads.



Pictured Products: 1) Surell Earmuffs; 2) Tom Ford Sunglasses; 3) Jia Collection Claudette Sweater; 4) Private Label White Coyote Vest; 5) Moncler Ski Jacket; 6) Stella McCartney x Adidas Leggings; 7) Lo&Sons OMG bag 8) C by Bloomingdales Gloves; 9) Moncler Snow Boots; 10) Tory Burch Booties; 11) Sweet Protection Helmet; 11) Bolle Mojo Ski Goggles

Have fun at your getaway!

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