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A common question for fashion designers (or any company for that matter) is “who is your target audience?” Our answer here at Jia Collection has always been: women between the ages of 25 to 55. This answer always seems to puzzle people since it is such a wide range of ages. Generally speaking, it seems that designers target one specific age group, and usually that group is well under forty. However, we realized that not only is our age range for our customers not too wide, but also that our age range is what makes our brand so unique and valuable to shoppers regardless of their age.

Recently, we stumbled upon a very interesting article in the New York Times titled “Fashion’s Two-Faced Relationship with Age.” We like the discussion of the fashion industry’s obsession with youth and its lack of clothing available for ladies over a certain age and how the majority of fashion is designed with a young person in mind.

This article got us thinking about our own view of how age should play into fashion design. Despite the tendency for fashion to focus on youth, we decided to design for all women looking for lasting designs that will become their investment pieces. We strive to create fashion that sports a classic and yet modern silhouette that will never go out of style; fashion that adds fun and fresh elements to your life with versatility. Each of our pieces is designed and constructed to make you look effortlessly sophisticated, while making you smile everyday as you discover the new looks you can create with what you already have in your closet. No matter what our age is, we all want to look young don’t we? And when you are having fun and smile, you instantly look years younger, agree? Timeless and versatile designs make you look put-together for your age, yet not stiff and still having fun!

Our Amandine reversible stripe dress looks great on our 20 year old model, and would look just as great on Jackie Kennedy when she was in her thirties, forties, or fifties.



Our Taylor reversible convertible 4-way pullover looks great on our 22 year old model, and would for sure look fabulous on Michelle Obama as well.




Despite the modern feel to our clothing, we never create anything that is avant-garde or too edgy, because these types of clothing pieces will go out of style quickly. Instead, we want to bring women fashion that they can wear over and over again. Each time you wear one of our pieces, you can look totally new and refreshed either by utilizing the built-in looks in the versatile design, or by stylizing the classic item with different accessories.

We have been fortunate enough to have our designs worn by several well-known individuals, and one of our favorite things about these ladies is that they are all different ages. Caity Lotz, for example, wore our Elena pullover beautifully, while Jennie Garth wore the same piece (but the reverse side) and looked just as lovely, despite the nearly fifteen year age gap between them.




Our pieces have also been worn by Kerry Washington, Maria Menounos, and Ali Fedotowsky, all thriving in their thirties.




However, the gorgeous Julia Ormond also looks just as stylish and sophisticated in our Grace pullover at the age of fifty.



All of these women, despite the difference in their ages, show just how each one of our pieces can make you feel confident, chic, and classic.

Many say that youth is the only true key to beauty, but we disagree. In a fashion world continually obsessed with the “next best thing” and staying young, we are out to prove that age is all relative. Rather than focusing on only creating clothing for a very narrow age group, we created pieces that are meant to make the customer look and feel confident regardless of age. After all, once you take away the stigma of becoming older, isn’t fashion all about finding the right pieces that flatter you and make you feel limitless? Timeless and versatile fashion flatters, enhances your beauty and make you look even younger. We truly believe that the secret to fashion happiness lies not within searching for youth, but instead searching for joy through wearing flattering clothing that you love. When you’ve got joy, you’ve got youth.


Our ultimate goal is to provide designs that can make any woman proud and confident in how she is presenting herself, and continue to feel the same way when they are twenty, or when they are fifty.

By the way, do you know that at age 50, Monica Bellucci is the newest Bond Girl?

Age is all relative.

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