How to Pack Light without Sacrificing Style and Options


This past weekend, one of the many bloggers who love to collaborate with us, Laura, took three of our pieces up to the snowy slopes of Canada for a girls’ trip. We asked Laura to share her favorite things about these cozy and versatile items. She had a lot to say about how simple it made packing and how great these pieces were for her adventure-filled long weekend with her favorite friends.

Most people dread packing, but we love how Laura shows us that our multifunctional and reversible pieces saved her from taking a suitcase on a four day trip. Instead, she was able to fit all her belongings in a duffle bag and save plenty of room in her car for her skiing equipment. In her small bag she is easily able to fit our Claudette reversible pullover, Izolda reversible turtleneck, and Lidiya convertible sweater/dress. Laura then answered the question: what would she have to pack if she didn’t have these versatile pieces? As you can see through her photographs, her suitcase would have been overflowing with the four sweaters, scarf, skirt, and two dresses she would need to pack to have the same options for her outfits. Since all of our pieces can be worn in more than one way, it’s easy to create several outfits out of one item simply by reversing or converting it.


However, this was not the first time a blogger has loved sharing about how simple it is to pack when our collection is involved. Leah from also gushed about how much she loved traveling with our pieces in her blog post, Packing Problems Solved by a Wardrobe Wizard. Leah admits that she struggles with over packing, just like most of us, but that our versatile pieces definitely helped her to improve her packing habits. Our favorite observation of Leah’s is that most fashion companies that center around creating styles for travelers are not what you actually want hanging in your closet. She writes, 


“What I found on the Jia Collection website wasn’t some lovechild of Eddie Bauer and Chico’s. Nope. These were clothes that I would actually love to own.”


You can see Leah here in our Hayden coat, one of our favorite recommendations for travelers facing the cold. This coat is great because it can be worn long or short, so if you are going from the country to the city, all you need to do is zipper off the bottom to create a whole new look!


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Up in Canada, Laura’s friends were also quite pleased she brought our pieces to Canada, since it gave them the chance to try out our designs as well! It also let us see the different ways of wearing each piece side-by-side, and appreciate how all of the styles look great on different body types. Even though none of the girls look exactly the same, they all found the clothes flattering and comfortable (so much so that they didn’t want to take them off!).


Despite the bone-chilling temperatures, Laura warmly agreed that she was very happy to have our collection with her to keep her toasty. Each piece gave her the ability to create outfits for all of the different activities throughout the weekend. From skiing, to going out for dinner, to exploring Montreal, to hiking in the woods, our pieces helped to keep her cozy and stylish. Leah agrees that our clothing is as versatile as it is stylish, and she notes she was able to transition from Toronto to Maui without a hitch. With only a few added accessories, she could make each outfit look completely different from the last. Both Leah and Laura point to our Lidiya pullover as the perfect example. Leah utilized a turtleneck under hers for a different look (and to stay cozy in St. Moritz). Laura said it was the perfect outfit for cross-country skiing, but once she removed the sleeves and paired it with a skirt she was ready to go out for the night. Amazingly, even though the pieces are definitely not bulky, they were able to keep both Leah and Laura comfortable even in negative temperatures.


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So next time you pack for an amazing trip, be sure to include clothing that can serve many purposes to minimize the ever-present issue of over packing. It’s also great to find items that will allow you to be creative in your styling, look gorgeous, and be ready for whatever your adventure throws your way! Happy travels!




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