How Simple Pieces Take You From Simply Chic to Smart Casual in a Wink


We all have those outfits on reserve in our wardrobes for a special occasion. Whether it is your favorite cocktail dress, or a gorgeous lace skirt that you love to slip on, you’re always trying to find a reason to feature these items. However, the downside to these great pieces is that they spend most of their time in your closet. It can be a real challenge to find events to wear clothing items to when those pieces are designed for only one purpose. Our solution to this common issue is easy: find simple and classic pieces that you love that you can accessorize to dress up or dress down.

Tracy Qiu from T-Curate demonstrates expertly just how to dress up and dress down one of our favorite pieces: the Taylor pullover in pink and beige. Depending on your accessories and what you pair simple pieces with, you can fully change your look from elegant to casual. Merely by pairing this sweater (that may seem casual) with a gorgeous full midi skirt, she is able to give our Taylor a sophisticated and formal look.




Her added accessories, including her necklace and pearl-encrusted clutch, help to highlight the fun girly-ness of the pink side of the Taylor pullover.





Tracy then shows us a completely different look by pairing the beige side of the sweater with wide leg culottes. We also love her addition of the fun fringe scarf, which adds a unique texture to the pullover. It’s remarkable how you would never notice it was the same top!





Tracy also mentions how much she loves the softness and coziness of this top. She shows us that you don’t have to be uncomfortable to look glamorous by using this classic and comfortable piece to create a dressy look.

Never bench a beloved article again. Instead, find that perfect piece that can go the extra mile by completing any look you dream up. Whether you are grabbing coffee with a friend, or trying out that new high-end restaurant on Saturday night, you can always find use for simple and flattering pieces.


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Be sure to check out Tracy’s full blog post on the Taylor here.



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