5 Reasons Why Reversible/Multi-functional Fashion Is Your New Best Friend

Customers wearing ABBEE and ADALINA reversible dresses 2 customers (and best friends) wearing our ABBEE and ADALINA reversible dresses


Recently, we were thrilled to be featured on Brit+Co in their article “These Convertible Clothes Will Maximize Your Wardrobe.” In it, they share with their readers why Jia Li, our designer, decided to create convertible and reversible luxury clothing for the modern woman. Jia Li’s choice to create Jia Collection rings even truer today than it did in 2011 when she first launched her own company; she created her designs for the busy modern day working and traveling woman. We have gained many loyal fans, and many customers keep telling us how much they love our designs for the look, comfort, fit, construction, material, workmanship and efficiency. We are certainly elated, and today we want to share with you why we think reversible/multifunctional fashion is going to become your new best friend as well, if you haven't already tried it. 


1. Reversible/Multifunctional fashion is a better option for modern busy women both at/after work and when traveling.

With hectic work schedules, many of us don’t have the luxury of going home to change in between work and personal events during the week. By creating reversible and convertible pieces, Jia was able to make fashion that better fits into busy schedules. If you have plans right after your last meeting of the day, you can simply reverse or convert your outfit to go flawlessly from the office to happy hour. It also further supports how women live today beyond the office. More and more women are forging their own experiences through travel, and they want to look good while doing so. All of our designs provide at least two outfits in one item, and they also are very flattering and are created to still look fresh even after being packed in a suitcase.


Vanity Fair 2013 International Best Dressed Hallie Swanson stylize our EDITH reversible top Vanity Fair 2013 International Best Dressed Hallie Swanson stylize our EDITH reversible top 


2. Like our smart phones, Reversible/Multifunctional fashion can also multi-task and save us time and effort.

In our daily routines, it goes without saying that multi-functional products make our lives less stressful and more efficient. Take your cell phone as an example. Almost everyone we know has a smart phone which functions as a phone, music player, alarm clock, entertainment source, calendar, et cetera. Our phones, and many other products like them, save us time and help us to lead less cluttered lives by minimizing what we need when we walk out the door. 


Jia wearing ELMA reversible dress for cocktail event and weekendJia wearing ELMA reversible dress for cocktail event and weekend


As we try to make other areas of our lives more and more efficient, why should fashion be any different? Rather than carrying around an additional outfit with you throughout your day for your afterwork events, reversible clothing makes it possible to simply alter the outfit you already have on for the evening or even the next day. And instead of continually staring into an overstuffed closet and feeling as if you have nothing to wear, consider taking a simpler approach to fashion.


Customer Irina send us photos of her wearing CLARA 4-way cardigan dress from all the worldCustomer Irina sent us photos of her wearing CLARA 4-way cardigan dress from all the world


3. Reversible/Multifunctional fashion makes you love more what you wear and look more radiant

The Brit+Co article points out that our collection strives to overcome a major obstacle many women face: finding clothes that they actually love to wear and can wear on a regular basis. Your wardrobe should feature what you love and what looks good on you, not what is most popular right now. When you choose a reversible/multifunctional fashion piece, you will put more thought into the buying decision, and you will make sure the design look good on both inside and outside, and any possible way it can be worn. As a result, you get a piece that is 2, 4, or 6 times of what a regular piece clothing can do for you. And each time you put it on, you don't have to worry about if it looks good on you, because you know that it is already tried and true when you made the purchase. Each time you put it on, you immediately feel great about yourself and are ready to go! For the busy woman who is continually on the move, this efficient but still stylish wardrobe that they love is a dream come true.


ERICA reversible knit summer dress_Jia CollectionCan you tell this is actually one dress? Our ERIKA reversible dress 


4. Reversible/Multifunctional fashion provides more value.

It is undoubtedly less time consuming and simpler to design more traditional clothing, or in other words, non-reversible and non-convertible clothing. However, we love putting in that extra time, effort, and creativity because it increases the value for our customers. With each piece, we know that we are providing the customer with at least two outfits and helping them to make their lives more efficient and happier. 


Blogger Lauren Price stylized our AMANDINE dress 4 different waysBlogger Lauren Price stylized our AMANDINE dress 4 different ways, she claims that she could easily wear it many more ways!


5. Reversible/Multifunctional fashion is more fun! 

Reversible/Multifunctional fashion gives you more options with which you can easily stylize yourself to express your individuality and to easily look good at any place and occasion. With some creativity, you will continue to discover more ways to wear a Reversible/Multifunctional piece each time you put it on and wow yourself and your friends. Each of our customers have had the experience of their friends asking 'Wow, this is the same piece you were wearing the other day?'

In the picture below, Jia was wearing ESTEE reversible dress to an event. She was wearing it on the blue side in the beginning, but when another guest at the event (the lady in red) was curious how the dress looked on the other side, Jia went to restroom and flipped the dress to the other side. The lady in red was in such awe and amazement that she became Jia's new friend and a new customer! 

ESTEE reversible dress put into action at event and won a new customer


Multifunctional and versatile fashion is slowly becoming a trend, we see more and more fashion brands embracing this concept. What differentiates us from other brands is that we focus on luxury fashion that you can easily dress both up and down, we only use the finest materials and each of our designs is offered at best possible price for the material and construction that is used. We know that the benefits of our designs are here to stay.

Have you read our article 10 benefits of reversilbe and multi-functional fashion? If not, head over there now and you will see how much multifunctional and versatile fashion can benefit you. We are confident that if you have the courage to try something new, you will not be disappointed. Many of our customers are repeat customers. They tried one piece once and they continue to want more!

As long as women continue to be busy making their way up the ladder in their professions and continue to thirst for new adventures, our clothing will continue to help them get there.

Yours truly,

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Be sure to read the Brit+Co article in its entirety here.


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