Pre-planned Outfits For a Fun Weekend

It's the weekend! I know you want to unwind and let your hair down after the busy work week you've had. Wouldn't it be great if you could do just that without having to worry about what to wear? Wouldn't Monday be a little better if you weren't cleaning up the pile of clothes you tried on to arrive at the perfect outfit? With just 3 pieces I've created 6 looks for you to wear this weekend so you can spend less time worrying and more time sipping on those mimosas. 



Surround sound, 45 foot screen, dim lights; the feeling of a movie theater will never be the same as watching a movie at home. But sitting in a chair for 2 hours? You want to make sure you’re comfortable! So pick your movie and grab the Delia top! It's perfect for a relaxing evening with its comfortable fit and mesh detail. Try both sides to see what works best for you. Pair it with black sweatpants or capris and your favorite pair of sneakers. A movie is a great way to kick start your fun weekend. 

Delia reversible sweater knit top with see through and line detail - Jia Collection. Great for work and leisure. 


The park relaxes you the moment you walk into all that greenery, away from the noise and pollution of the rest of the city. So why not take a beautiful mid-afternoon stroll? The Elena sweater was crafted from a breathable waffle knit so it lets you move with ease. It can be worn inside out creating two different looks. One side is vivid and bold with navy, red and gold stripes while the other side is muted. Wear it with either pants or shorts and comfortable shoes.

Elena reversible sweater knit top rainbow stripe detail - Jia Collection. Great for work, leisure, cruise and resort.



Sipping mimosas, chocolate waffles, fresh fruit….sounds like the perfect brunch! The Chiara dress is the best choice for your brunch. It can be worn four different ways! The front and back have different jacquard prints so you can flip it or you can wear it inside out for either a beautiful canary yellow or a cream color. The slouchy body skimming silhouette lets you breath and move around freely. Opt out heels for either kitten heels or gladiator sandals to make sure your feet are just as comfortable as the rest of your body. Put your hair into a messy bun and you’re good to go!

Chiara reversible sweater knit dress with lace and jacquard detail - Jia Collection. Great for work, leisure, cruise and resort.


Here's hoping your weekend is amazing because you deserve it!

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