3 Best Ways to Keep Organized for Women on the Go


Saying that modern women are busy is a bit of an understatement. As more and more women make their marks across a multitude of fields in their professional and personal lives, they undeniably face the continual issue of using their time as wisely and efficiently as possible. The busier we become, the more important it is for us to stay organized. 

Whether you struggle with time management, or you’re an expert at juggling all your commitments, the tools we share here will undoubtedly help you conquer your daily routine. In order to learn how to best organize all busy schedules, we turned to one of our favorite women on the go, Kelly Hoey. She is the epitome of the busy entrepreneurial woman. Hoey is a celebrated tech influencer and entrepreneur. Between her role as a CMO, strategist, board member, start-up advisor, and speaker, it is vital for her to stay organized so she can keep doing what she does best.


1. Find tools that save you time on mundane but necessary tasks.

Today’s technological advances have completely changed how we do business. In a lot of ways, it opened the door to a wide array of new possibilities. However, it also means that the lines between work hours and personal hours blur, especially when it comes to email. Hoey swears by her Inbox by Gmail to help her to organize correspondence. However, Hoey went beyond finding a strong email server and helped to cut down on the time she spent replying to individual emails by using auto responder when possible. By eliminating the ever-present issue of an overflowing mailbox, an auto responder can help you to stay organized and to not miss any important messages that you want to spend the time crafting a unique and thoughtful response to.



Another double-edged sword is social media: it provides an entirely new platform to directly connect with customers and market your brand. However, spending time each day updating all your accounts can be tedious, especially when you are part of a small business without a significant marketing team. If you are looking to remove the time vacuum of continually updating your social media presence, take Hoey’s advice and check out CloudPeeps, a marketplace that can help you hire social media professionals for hourly rated services. Think of all the time you can save simply by reducing the amount of time you spend replying to emails and updating social media. With these daily tasks out of the way, you can focus on dreaming big in the office and beyond.


2. Learn how to organize your time, and what tools can help you accomplish your time management goals. 

    For busy women on the go, time management is key. With the continual balancing act of finding time for meetings, business development, networking, et cetera (plus your personal life), there is no time to waste. Hoey recommends two awesome tools for eliminating time waste. She swears by them especially when she is traveling for business opportunities, which is very often. TeuxDeux is a great app for making to-do lists, which (if you’re anything like us) are most likely scattered around your home and office on scraps of paper. Calendly is another favorite of Hoey. It allows you to create a schedule that shows your availability, which you can then send to your clients and colleagues. Think of all the emails and phone calls about meeting times you could skip with this tool!


    3. Choose a wardrobe that supports your goals.

    It’s a well-known piece of advice to dress for the job you want, even if it’s not the job you have. When we think of dressing the modern woman, we think beyond dressing appropriately to dressing stylishly and efficiently. With Hoey’s jam-packed work and travel schedule, she needed clothes that worked just as hard as her. Recently, she took our Max scarf/poncho with her to Vancouver. It helped her to be able to be dressed appropriately for anything her trip threw at her, while still keeping her packing and style simple and organized. She loved our Max so much, she is also bringing our Danielle 4 way dress/cardigan to Philadelphia! With the comfort of our clothes, as well as their reversibility and convertibility, it makes sense why Hoey would see them as the perfect work and travel partner. With our pieces, you can save time planning your outfits for all your events, stay organized as you pack, and still look chic yet comfortable anywhere you go.

     Silk/Cashmere MAX multi-way Scarf Poncho - Jia Collection


    Silk/Cashmere Danielle reversible/convertible dress/cardigan - Jia Collection


    We love designing clothes that are meant to support busy women as they go from meetings to dinner, and from the airport to networking events. By eliminating the issue of never having the perfect piece for each event, we help women focus on their goals. Our clothes are just a piece of the organization puzzle. Don’t forget Hoey’s advice: find tools that help you save time where you can, stay organized by fine tuning your time management, and dress for success.


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