Celebrate Earth Day: Be a Thoughtful Consumer

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Today is Earth Day. It is a holiday that often goes unnoticed, beyond perhaps the occasional tree planting or environmentally friendly initiative at work. However, for us here at Jia Collection, we see sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of living as something that should be a part of our lives every day. Whether or not you realize it, the fashion industry plays a large role in the environmental health of our world. From our culture’s obsession with “out with the old, in with the new,” to the costly process of actually producing the clothes you wear, fashion has a long way to go before it can be considered a green industry.

Rather than adding to the problems facing the world, we decided to be part of the solution. One example of our efforts is our sourcing and production process. We use only eco-friendly materials and only work with factories that have impeccable standards of safety and sustainability. We also continually strive to minimize waste of materials and labor from the very beginning of the design stage, all the way through delivering our product to the consumer. You can read more about our sourcing and production methods on our site here.

Beyond how we physically produce our clothing, we also are trying to redefine how our customers interact with fashion. One of our ultimate goals is to show consumers that there is no need to continually discard old styles for new ones. Instead, we can all become more savvy consumers by choosing to buy fashion that will not go out of style in one season. We can also choose items that will last for years to come, that are flattering on us regardless of the current trends, and that can be worn to countless different occasions. With these principles in mind, we create fashion that is of the highest quality and that will continue to suit your needs for years to come. You can see what Fashion Me Green had to say about our designs here. If you love the clothes you have, you will no longer feel the continual need to buy more and more in search for something better. Fashion Me Green eco ambassador Greta Eagan also featured us in her book "Wear No Evil (How to Change The World with Your Wardrobe)" and speak about how we create eco-friendly designs from a different design perspective. 



Part of being a more thoughtful consumer is also finding ways of being less wasteful each day. We love that our designs make it possible for you to create many different looks from one piece. This multi-functionality means that for each convertible or reversible piece you buy, you are increasing the number of outfits you have in your wardrobe while using fewer resources to make each outfit. It also means that you will need fewer resources to maintain these pieces: since each piece can be worn several ways, you can wear it more than once prior to washing it or sending it to the dry cleaners. You can read about these benefits of multi-functional fashion and more in our blog post, 10 Benefits of Reversible and Multi-Functional Clothing.

In our interview with CMO, speaker and strategist Kelly Hoey, Kelly said:




Zady, a place for eco-friendly designs, also echoes the same principles in their articles "The end of the wear it once trend" and "Ditching trends for style."

This Earth Day, find a new way to do more for Mother Nature. Simply by changing how you think about fashion, you can become a better shopper and reduce thoughtless consuming. The best part is that this way of thinking will only improve your wardrobe by filling it with pieces you love that you will wear again and again.

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