Multifunctional and Simple Fashion: A Busy Mom’s Best Friend

Alex Silk/Cashmere reversible convertible 4-way cardigan pullover


We love celebrating smart and successful (and busy) women. We have always designed our clothes to help and support these women on the go, and we love it. Although we often discuss the many benefits our clothes offer women running from the office to happy hour, or jet setting to the latest meeting, we definitely are not overlooking the needs of all the amazing mothers out there. Regardless of whether they are working full time, or spending more time at home with their babies, moms are continually on the go. With their busy schedules that definitely do not slow down once they come home, they need fashion that is reliable, no-fuss, and still flattering.

Recently, Veronica Popoiacu from Bittersweet Colours styled our Alex pullover/cardigan into two completely different outfits. Veronica herself just had a beautiful baby boy, Noah. Despite her son still being an infant, Veronica continues to show off her unique and chic fashion sense on her blog. She wears our Alex pullover on the pink side with boyfriend jeans and heels for an easy brunch look, and she wears the grey side as a cardigan for a simple yet stunning spring look.


Alex Silk/Cashmere reversible convertible 4-way cardigan pullover

We love how both of the looks Veronica creates are perfect for spring. Anyone would look great in these outfits, yet they are still fun and different. The best part about our Alex pullover is that its simplicity and versatility made it easy to incorporate into both outfits. This means that anyone can use our designs to save time and worry less about the small stuff, so they can focus on what really matters. For Veronica, and all mothers regardless of the age of their children, that translates to more time with family. 


Alex Silk/Cashmere reversible convertible 4-way cardigan pullover

We love creating fashion that we know will look great on women regardless of where they are going. For busy moms, we worry about their wardrobe so they don’t have to themselves. With such an amazing responsibility of raising a child, we want to take the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning. With our versatile and simple fashion, any mom can look confident and amazing walking out the door without wasting precious time on maintaining and planning a wardrobe. We will continue to be the support structure for all the strong mothers out there, so they can be the best role models for their families.

How about all these other ways to wear Alex? It's actually more than 2 in 1, it is a 4 in 1! 


Alex Silk/Cashmere reversible convertible 4-way cardigan pullover

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