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One of our new reversible/multifunctional designs in action. Stay tuned. 



When is the last time you discovered something completely new?  This question is actually a quote from a newsletter we received recently from Ridiculously Efficient. If you love discovery and learning new things, keep reading.

We loved their newsletter, titled “Discovery is Good,” as it happened to perfectly resonate with our own philosophy on efficiency and effectiveness. We are always looking for ways to reduce hassle, redundancy in our daily routines, and effort spent on tedious tasks. Ridiculously Efficient is continually helping their readers to save time on tasks like these, so they have time to spare on learning new things and finding new adventures. This way of seeing the world seems to be in perfect alignment with our design thinking.


Since our designer, Jia, loved the message of the newsletter so much, she replied back to Ridiculously Efficient. She shared with them why we were so excited about their views, and how our designs are like a discovery as well. We love making designs that allow our customers to be creative and continually discover new ways of styling them. Marissa, from Ridiculously Efficient, loved what Jia had to say. So much so, that Marissa asked to interview Jia. You can read the full interview here.


When you hear the word “luxury,” you most likely think of material wealth such as owning a fancy car or living in a beautiful home. However, we challenge you to instead consider the luxury of having time to discover something new. Recently, T Magazine published an article titled “At London’s V&A – Defining Luxury and Predicting its Future.” In it, the author states, "the future of luxury lies not in material goods, but in increasingly intangible qualities — like discovery and exploration.” We loved to read this, because it serves as an encouraging reminder that our versatile fashion is on the right track and that it will only become more relevant in the future. Even though you could easily define our clothes as luxurious in the traditional sense, they are also luxurious in the sense that they encourage new discovery.

The Jia Collection is the perfect fashion line for anyone who cares about becoming more efficient, but it is also so much more than that. Our versatile clothing opens up greater possibilities for discovery and creativity. From a simple action such as getting dressed for work to stylizing yourself for any event, each of our designs give you many more options and much more flexibility than traditional clothes. Hence also many more opportunities for fun discovery. These intangible qualities of discovery and efficiency are often overlooked in the fashion world, but we love being trailblazers in our field.

For instance, Tracy Qiu from T-Curate created completely unique looks that fit her personality and sense of style that we love. However, pieces from the very same collection also fit the needs of busy entrepreneur Kelly Hoey and artist/blogger Veronica Popoiacu who just became a new mom. Both these women, and all our customers, can discover a different kind of luxury that isn’t all about the material world. Instead its about the power of new experiences.


Tracy Qiu wore our MAX multi-way scarf poncho in new ways that we were yet to discover


Taylor 4-way Silk Cashmere reversible convertible pullover - Jia Collection Tracy Qiu wore our Taylor 4-way top in 2 new ways that easily transition from Simply Chic to Smart Casual 


 Kelly Hoey wore our Danielle 4-way Cardigan Dress in office and on her trip to Philadelphia as a speaker at a tech startup event. 


Veronica Popoiacu wore our ALEX 4-way pullover cardigan, looking stylish being a new mom


With all the new experiences and adventures we have still yet to experience, why waste time on monotony? Our designs can help you improve your fashion efficiency, while still allowing you to appreciate and discover your own style and creativity. By redefining how you see luxury and taking the time to rediscover the joys of learning something new, you can completely reshape your daily life. No matter your age, your job, or where you live, there is always more to discover, and Jia Collection is always ready to be along for the ride.

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