Mother's Day Gift Guide for On-The-Go Busy Fashionable Moms


Mothers: they have the power to transform lives and brighten each day with their unwavering love. It seems silly to only dedicate one day to appreciate them when they do so much. Even though it’s hard to express just how much we love them, we still want to make Mother’s Day very special. Whether it be for your own mother, or for your significant other who you love raising your children with each day, its important to find the perfect way to say that you recognize and appreciate all they do each day to love their children.

However, just because Mother’s Day has become a bit of a “Hallmark Holiday” doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the cliché ways of showing your love. Rather, consider finding her something she will love and use often. What better way to show you care than by giving her something that makes her life simpler, more beautiful, and allows her to remember your thoughtful gift over and over again each time she uses it?

As we ourselves scoured the Internet for the perfect gifts that fit the criteria of beautifying and simplifying our mothers’ lives, we came across Orikami, a specialty concept store inspired by Japanese origami. This brand, created by a mom, really resonated with our own aesthetic philosophy due to their minimalistic yet stunning designs. Each item is thoughtfully crafted, beautifully made, and sure to fit right into the lives of any mom. Here are a few of our favorites:


Totescarf in Gray and Orange

At first glance, this is a gorgeous and timeless scarf. However, it also becomes much more useful because you can store your valuables in it! For the busy mom on-the-go, this feature is such to be a fun and unique surprise, and it’s sure to quickly become her go-to piece as she runs out the door on those chilly mornings.

Totescarf in Gray and Orange


Origami Heart Necklace

If you are looking for something traditional yet modern, look no further than this gorgeous necklace. Its simple design is perfect for every day use, yet it is by no means a typical Mother’s Day gift. She will have no issue wearing this piece that reminds her of your love all the time.


Origami Heart Necklace


Play Fold Bird Blanket

Looking for something for the new mommy in your life? This is not your typical blanket: its construction allows you to fold it and tie it in to an origami bird! It is perfect for moms with little ones who they want to bundle up in a hug. To be honest, though, we want one for ourselves even without the excuse of a new baby. It is as beautiful as it is distinctive, and it offers a very fun take on the traditional Mother’s Day baby gifts.

Play Fold Bird Blanket



Kim Bracelet


This gold cuff is so beautiful and unique, yet its minimalist design makes it the perfect piece for any outfit! It makes it simple for moms to make a statement in a no-fuss way. This gift will appeal to any mother, whether she is a fashionista or a bit more low maintenance in her wardrobe.

 Kim bracelet



Our own designs also offer a very different take on Mother’s Day gifts. Since each of our designs can be worn in more than one way, from a practical standpoint they are perfect for a busy mom. Each of our pieces is also designed to be flattering and chic, without requiring a lot of thought, time, or effort. They are the perfect companion for any mom who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for convenience.


Alex 4-Way Cardigan Pullover

The brand new mom, Veronica from Bittersweet Colours, recently wore this loose fitting pullover/cardigan on her blog and demonstrated just how versatile this simple piece is. In her two outfits, you can’t even tell it’s the same top! For a mom with little time to spare pick out outfits, this versatile and cozy top is a lifesaver.

Veronica from Bittersweet Colours Wear Jia Collection Max convertible 4-way pullover cardigan


Gene 4-Way Reversible Convertible Hat

This 4-way hat is perfect for moms on the go. It might be too warm to wear hat now depending on where you are, but moms go visit faraway places that might be cold and windy! Such a versatile hat can keep moms warm and stylish no matter where they are. 



Max Multiway Scarf Poncho

 From transforming into a scarf, a cape, or a top, this piece does it all! With all the different ways the Max can be worn, this gift will keep giving year round. It can complete any outfit with no effort, but the fun way it plays with convertible fashion makes it a one-of-a-kind gift.



Danielle 4-Way Reversible/Convertible Cardigan Dress

This dress is as flattering as it is practical. We love that it can show off how gorgeous your special someone is, while still being comfortable and classic. It's reversible and you can wear it 4 ways, as a dress or a long cardigan, which makes it the perfect addition to any outfit. It makes looking good shockingly easy. Available in 3 different colorways. 


This mother’s day, think a bit more outside the box and find gifts that she will get to enjoy all the time. By choosing simple yet gorgeous designs, you can help to bring beauty into your favorite ladies’ lives, while improving their every day routines. What better way to show your love and appreciation than by finding something she will love that makes her life that much sweeter?



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